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Ireland should make clear commitments on climate change at Climate Summit

A literacy class in Sierra Leone

September 2014: Ireland should make clear commitments on tacking climate change at the September 2014 Climate Summit in New York.

Climate Justice

What's tax dodging got to do with the EU?

STOP Tax Dodging EU campaign

28 April 2014: Recently, MEPs have made great efforts to tackle tax dodging. They must now push for even more financial transparency, and ensure that EU governments play their part.

Tax matters

What’s climate change got to do with the EU?

Climate justice now

16 April 2014: MEPs can put pressure on European Union member states to set ambitious targets for cutting carbon - but they need you to tell them it matters.

Setting an example

Why bother with the European elections?


8 April 2014: Explaining the importance of the European Union elections and how they can help shape the eradication of poverty.

The EU - Legally obliged to end poverty?

IF Campaign: Northern Ireland update

IF campaign Belfast launch

Support for the IF campaign continues to grow in Northern Ireland as aid agencies, churches and individuals demand for action on behalf of the world's poor.

Thank you

Energy Bill could be key to a low carbon future

A climate change placard, with the Houses of Parliament in the background

Ask your MP to support a more ambitious energy bill with a target to reduce carbon emissions for the UK power sector to near-zero by 2030.

Email your MP

Fantastic result on aid, but still work to do on tax justice

Hundreds of George Osbornes hit the streets ahead of the 2013 budget announcement

Your incredible support has been impossible to ignore and the 2013 Budget has delivered a big win for the world's poor, but there's still work to do on tax justice.

Thank you

IF we share our views, MPs will listen

Spill the beans on tax dodging

18 February: we can't stress the importance of speaking to local MPs enough, to make our voices heard and keep poverty on the agenda.

Lobby your MP

If campaign launches

IF campaign logo

Christian Aid reports from the launch of Enough Food for Everyone IF, the biggest campaign ever to tackle global hunger.

Join us

Are we all egalitarians now?

Slums and skyscrapers next to the river in Recife, Brazil

24 January: Tackling inequality, from identity-based discrimination to the damage caused by tax-dodging, means addressing issues of power.


Sign our Christmas card to David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron with huskies in the Arctic

Remind the prime minister to keep his promise to make this the greenest government ever and tackle climate change in 2013.

How you can help

Climate Qatar-strophe in Doha

The UN climate change conference logo

11 December: the UN climate talks end with a weak deal but Christian Aid's campaign for climate justice continues.

Doha roundup

Is the government finally listening to Christian Aid?

A woman working in a field with a baby on her back

6 December: Tax avoidance and transparency to be priority issues at the forthcoming G8 summit.

How your campaign actions helped

A great year campaigning

People standing outside the Tax Bus holding I Ticked for Tax Justice placards

A look back at Christian Aid campaigns in 2012.


The wedding of the year: COP18 and Science exchange vows

A man and woman dressed as a bride and groom in a campaign stunt, surrounded by the media

6 December: a 'Science' bride and a 'COP18' groom wed in a campaign stunt amid calls for meaningful political action to tackle climate change.

Campaign stunt

Marching in Doha for climate justice

A group of people holding a Time for Climate Justice banner

3 December: campaigners hold a march as they call on rich countries to fulfil their promises and deliver climate finance to poorer communities.

Campaigners work together

Climate talks kick off in Doha, Qatar

Climate change banner

29 November: first impressions from world leaders' climate talks in Qatar.

Negotiations under way

The government must support new EU tax transparency laws

A woman working in a field with a baby on her back

31 October: Christian Aid urges business secretary Vince Cable to support ambitious proposals at the EU that could be a vital step towards tax justice.

How you can help

Green is working

A white shirt with a green tie

The green economy is growing, but certain proposals could undermine this growth and the 2008 Climate Change Act.

How you can help

Sunny places for shady people

Tax Bus

16 October: a look back at the reactions of the public and politicians to the Tax Justice Bus Tour.

All aboard!

How our FTSE campaign brought firms to the table

Unilever - Transparency, cleaning up tax dodging

4 September: Our Trace the Tax campaign has brought four FTSE-listed companies to the table to discuss tax and poverty with us. As that part of our public campaign closes, we look ahead to where we go next.

All aboard!

Tax Bus hits the road at Greenbelt

Tax Bus

30 August: Over the bank holiday weekend, in wet and windy conditions at Greenbelt festival, our Tax Justice Tour got underway.

All aboard!

Good news on EU tax transparency

Flags outside the European Parliament -- Pic: Franky DeMeyer

5 July - After 'unprecedented' pressure from Christian Aid campaigners, MEPs strengthen demands for tax transparency.

Good news!

Rio+20: Sustainable development... when?

Boy sits in the desert

25 June: The Rio+20 Earth Summit finished last Friday, delivering less than it should, but providing some hope for the future.

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G20 summit: our response

G20 hand in

25 June: The headlines from last week's G20 summit were all about the Eurozone crisis, but there were major issues affecting global poverty up for debate, too. Find out our response to the summit.

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Wayne who? Rio news sets up late winner for carbon campaign

Smiling campaigners

20 June: As England's footballers laboured to victory in Ukraine, climate justice campaigners back home had far more reason to celebrate as the UK announced plans to make businesses count their emissions.

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Rio+20 Earth Summit - a global movement

Climate campaigners in Delhi

19 June: For Christian Aid and its partners, Rio+20 is a great opportunity to strengthen our global movement against poverty.

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Rio+20 Earth Summit - why Christian Aid is there

Dry sand running through a hand

18 June: What will happen at Rio+20 and how is it connected to Christian Aid's work? Our short podcast explains.

Listen now

The mystery of Zambia's mining millions

Zambian copper mine

14 Jun - As the G20 prepares for its summit, Charlotte Marshall visited Zambia to see how tax dodging is keeping people poor.

Read more, act now

Global week of action to end tax haven secrecy

End tax haven secrecy sign near US statue

1 June - People are coming together all around the world this week to take a stand against the veil of secrecy that protects tax havens.

End tax haven secrecy

Support strong action at the Earth Summit

Rio Connection

28 May - Join us and the Stop Climate Chaos coalition to celebrate the progress we have made and call for greater action on climate change.

Act now!

India pushing for change ahead of G20

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

This weekend we were encouraged to see that the Indian government has been pushing for the G20 to introduce Automatic Information Exchange (AIE) - great news for the world's poor.

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'Greenest government ever': are we really still waiting for mandatory reporting?


4 Apr - We were promised the "greenest government ever" - and we told them that the world's poor were depending on it. But the Coalition's delays on making emissions reporting mandatory for UK business is threatening to undo all its good words. Email the enivronment secretary, Caroline Spelman, now, and urge her to reaffirm the government's green commitment.

Act now!

Europe holds key to fairer tax laws

Flags outside the European Parliament -- Pic: Franky DeMeyer

27 Mar - As the European Parliament prepares to debate tougher tax laws that could give millions in poor countries a fairer share of their countries' riches, we need to write to our MEPs and ensure they don't succumb to corporate lobbying.

Act now!

Going the extra mile for climate justice

Cat and Moses

27 Mar - Christian Aid interns Moses Tutesigensi and Catherine Garsed today completed an epic endurance challenge from Edinburgh to London in support of climate justice.

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No more secrets - football and financial transparency

Twic Olympic competitors

14 Mar - Two years ago, Christian Aid used the offshore ownership of leading British football clubs as a lens through which to look at financial secrecy and the damage it does not just to football but to millions of people living in developing countries. Now Rangers' plight has seen our research in the news again.


Guatemala, climate change and tax dodging - Juan's story


6 Mar - At seven years old, Juan already has first-hand experience of how climate change and tax dodging keep people poor in Guatemala.


What David Cameron must do for the world's poorest in June

David Cameron

6 Mar - We’re calling on David Cameron to show global leadership on poverty when world leaders meet at the G20 summit in Mexico this June.


Christian Aid at tax inquiry

Big Tax Return - Zambian miners

28 Feb: Today, Christian Aid and our partner CTPD and Action Aid, gave evidence to the International Development Select Committee hearing on tax and development.

Tax inquiry

Taking strides towards climate justice

Wiltshire climate walk

22 February 2012 - For the next 18 months churches in Wiltshire will be raising awareness of climate issues and fundraising for Christian Aid’s work.

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It’s good news that tax dodging has become more dangerous


16 Feb: Today the Financial Action Task Force – a global organisation which advises governments on how to fight financial crime – announced it is recommending that tax evasion should also be a ‘predicate offence’ for money laundering.

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EU tax meeting a golden opportunity for greater transparency

Children beside a house

15 Feb: Next week's EU ministerial is a big opportunity to tackle tax dodging. Help make sure the UK stands up to corporate lobbying and puts the poor first.

Act now

Mexico Embassy tax stunt

Mexico embassy tax stunt

10 Feb - With Mexico holding presidency of the G20 this year, we thought we'd send them a little reminder about the link between tax and poverty.

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Could the Glencore-Xstrata merger be a boost for financial transparency?

Big Tax Return - Zambian miners

9 Feb: It's a long shot, but could the potential mega-merger between multinationals Glencore and Xstrata be a boost for financial transparency? Rachel Baird explores.

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Bishop seeks answers over tax dodging

Bishop of Derby

27 January: the Bishop of Derby has raised the issue of multinational corporations dodging taxes in developing countries in the House of Lords.

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New airport proposal could see 'greenest government ever' pledge go up in smoke


20 Jan - The Boris Island airport proposals could ring the death knell for David Cameron's promised 'greenest government ever.' Clare Groves explains.


Ed Miliband speaks out on tax dodging

Ed Miliband (photo courtesy of Christian Guthier)

16 Jan - Ed Miliband has become the latest in a growing number of politicians speaking out on tax dodging.

Tax dodging

Campaigns round-up 2011

Christian Aid campaigners at a tax justice stunt

5 Jan - How your support and campaigning in 2011 has helped challenge the root causes of poverty and moved us closer to achieving climate and tax justice.

Campaigns round-up

HMRC report highlights need for transparency - at home and abroad


20 Dec - As a new parliamentary report criticises HMRC's 'cosy' relationship with some big UK firms, what significance can it have for the campaign for global tax justice?

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Durban climate talks: the fallout

Climate justice now

16 Dec - Although many negotiators left Durban claiming success, the truth is that they simply agreed to keep talking...


Durban disappointment - the fight goes on

Time for Climate Justice banner

11 Dec - The UN climate talks went into overtime with countries negotiating late into Saturday night, but sadly the outcome is very disappointing.


EU may kiss the bride!

Kyoto & EU for ever

8 Dec - Today Time for Climate Justice campaigners called on the EU to say ‘I do’ to the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol at COP17 - and staged a wedding to give them a hint.


'Vampire' countries told to stop sucking Kyoto dry

'Vampire' countries sucking Kyoto Protocol dry

The UN climate talks in Durban are now truly underway and the actions of some countries have been deeply disturbing. Like vampires, they are sucking the life out of the Kyoto Protocol.

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Durban update: rich countries must deliver climate finance

Campaigners call for climate finance

6 Dec - It's the final week of negotiations at the UN climate talks in Durban, South Africa, and the conference centre is buzzing as ministers and head of states begin to arrive.

Climate finance

'We did not come here to shop!'

Climate justice campaigner

5 Dec - In marked contrast to the sluggish progress of negotiations at the UN climate change talks over the past week, energy levels among demonstrators at Saturday's global day of action were high.


Kyoto: an SOS to the world

Kyoto stunt

29 Nov - The Kyoto protocol is the only legally binding treaty for cutting carbon emissions. That's why campaigners got their sea legs today and sent out an SOS to stop it from sinking.


Churches, tax and the Occupy movement

David McNair

28 November - churches must play a role in calling for a more just and equitable financial system that serves society.

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Climate justice rally kicks off Durban talks

Durban rally

28 Nov - Christian Aid staff and partners are among thousands of delegates from across the world who have descended on Durban, South Africa, for the United Nations climate change talks that begin today.


Climate carollers give Huhne a seasonal send-off

Huhne carols

22 Nov - On the eve of the UN climate talks, our Stop Climate Chaos choir popped down with a musical reminder for the UK's man in Durban, energy secretary Chris Huhne.

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The road to Durban

Carvan of hope

17 Nov - The Caravan of Hope is headed for the Durban climate talks, travelling more than 4,000 miles through 10 countries, stopping off for climate marches, petition signings and rallies.

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Shadow ministers: 'gifts' to remember the world's poor

Christian Aid campaigns team stand in front of Westminster with 'gifts' for new shadow secretaries

14 Nov - Today, Christian Aid welcomed two new members of the Shadow Cabinet with 'gifts' reminding them to prioritise the world's poor as they begin their new roles.

'Gifts' for new ministers

Widening the debate about business ethics

David McNair

8 Nov - The publication this week of the St Paul’s Institute report ‘Value and Values: Perceptions of Ethics in the City Today’ offers valuable insights into the debate surrounding business practice in today’s world.

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G20 heading in the right direction

G20 campaign actions hand in to President Sarkozy in Paris

7 Nov - Over the last 10 months you've been campaigning with us for an end to tax haven secrecy, which allows tax dodging to thrive and costs poor countries an estimated $160bn each year.

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Tax haven secrecy: all eyes on the G20

Sarkozy, Cameron and Clegg

3 Nov - As the G20 summit kicks off in Cannes, world leaders must seize the opportunity to get tough with the kind of global financial culture that allows tax havens to swindle money from developing and developed countries alike.

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Christian Aid’s position on Occupy London

Paul Brannen

2 Nov - Our position on the global Occupy movement.

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G20: it's time to get serious about tax havens

End tax haven secrecy

27 Oct - Tax dodging's no fun. And with vital talks just days away, we need the G20 to get serious about ending tax haven secrecy. Watch our video - and take action now.

Act now!

Unilever Ireland gets a surprise visit from 'Transparency'

Unilever Ireland gets a visit from Christian Aid campaigners

12 Oct - A small group of Christian Aid campaigners recently paid a visit to the headquarters of Unilever Ireland on the outskirts of Dublin, dressed as new cleaning product 'Transparency' vowing to 'clean up tax dodging'.

Unilever Ireland

Christian Aid's Alternative Tax Awards

Christian Aid's Alternative Tax Awards

As the world of accountancy crowns its great achievers, we hand out some awards of our own in recongition of the lengths corporations will go to cut their tax bill.

Find out more

G20 Global Day of Action


7 Oct - Today's the day to add your voice as campaigners around the world call on the G20 to end tax haven secrecy. Alasdair Roxburgh explains how you can play your part.

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And the prize for most secretive tax haven goes to...

Swiss flag

4 Oct - Switzerland tops the Tax Justice Network's latest annual Financial Secrecy Index - but they are by no means the only country with serious work to do on financial transparency, says Alasdair Roxburgh.

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G20 hear our tax message. But did they listen?


27 Sep - We sent thousands of emails to G20 ministers, urging them to keep tax on the agenda for November's talks. They heard, but did they listen? Amelia Whitworth reports.

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UK-Swiss tax deal

Two people shaking hands in a darkened room

6 Sep - George Osborne says that 'those who evade taxes, like benefit cheats, are leeches on society'. However, he has agreed a deal that rewards those who avoid paying taxes in the UK by hiding their money in Switzerland

UK-Swiss deal

New climate campaign launches at Greenbelt 2011

Rainbow at the Greenbelt festival 2011

30 Aug - This weekend the Christian Aid campaigns team took to a field in Cheltenham to launch our new climate change campaign at the Greenbelt festival.

Climate campaign

Campaigns events at Greenbelt

Greenbelt sculpture

25 Aug - The 2011 Greenbelt festival begins on Friday and the Christian Aid campaigns team have lots planned over the course of the weekend.


US businessman Warren Buffett stokes up the tax debate

Big Tax Return - Zambian miners

18 Aug- Billionaire Warren Buffett this week made waves by saying that the US tax system favours the super rich. Alasdair Roxburgh wonders what his remarks could mean for our calls for tax justice for the world's poorest.

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'Fanciful and misguided.' Vodafone enters public debate on country-by-country

David McNair

12 Aug - Vodafone has entered the public debate on our campaign for country-by-country campaign, saying our figures are 'fanciful'. David McNair responds.

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Can Brazil lead on tax haven secrecy?

Mariana Paoli

11 Aug - The End Tax Haven Secrecy campaign has been getting widespread media coverage in Brazil thanks to one of Christian Aid's partners. Read more and watch their campaign video.

Watch video

Author Brian McLaren to talk tax and theology

Brian McLaren

28 July - We're delighted to announce that US theologian Brian McLaren will be in London to talk tax and theology on 25 August, and you're invited.

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Action for east Africa

Onsan Hussein

25 Jul - Thank you to everyone who has taken our east Africa action in the last few days. We'll update you soon about the outcome of today's meeting.

East Africa

Cameron backs calls for financial transparency

David Cameron

19 Jul - The only thing in the way of global financial transparency is a lack of political will. So when the PM displays some, you seize it with both hands.

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Climate consultation closes

Boy sits in the desert

15 Jul - Thank you to everyone who responded to the government's mandatory reporting consultation. The consultation has now closed and we're waiting for the government to make its decision.

Thank you

MEPs reject 30% emissions cuts

Christian Aid lobbies Daniel Hannan MEP, Winchester, South East

6 Jul - MEPs have rejected a raise in the level of EU emissions cuts from 20% to 30%, by 2020. Find out where the vote faltered and what we're planning next.

EU emissions vote

Dispelling the myths of $160bn

1 Jul - Three years ago Christian Aid published a report called Death and Taxes in which we estimated that tax dodging by some companies working internationally costs the developing world $160bn each year.

Dispelling myths

MPs tell World Bank to clean up its act

World Bank protestors

29 Jun - MPs have demanded that UK funding for World Bank aid programmes should be withheld if the Bank does not stop financing new dirty coal power stations in developing countries.

Funding threat

Future of the planet interrupted for lunch

Climate justice

5 July - Latest update on our urgent campaign action urging UK MEPs to vote for a tougher EU target on carbon emissions cuts.

Latest update

Will UK take Finnish line on tax?


21 Jun - The new Finnish coalition government has announced that it will put the country 'in the frontline in ending international tax evasion.' Alasdair Roxburgh is impressed.

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Bonn talks heading for stalemate

Mohamed Adow

16 Jun - It seems obvious to all at these talks that those responsible and with the power to change things have taken their eye off the ball.

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Eastenders talk climate with Hackney MP

Lobbying Meg Hillier

16 Jun - Local staff and volunteers met Hackney MP and shadow climate change secretary, Meg Hillier, to ask for support for our climate justice campaign. It was a good morning's work, says Julian Boys.

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Is Glencore opening up?

Big Tax Return - Zambian miners

15 Jun - We're cautiously welcoming news that commodities giant Glencore is taking steps towards financial transparency. Alasdair Roxburgh hopes they are serious.

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Playing for time while the planet heats up

Mohamed Adow

9 Jun - UN climate talks resumed in Bonn this week. And while we might have talks fatigue, Christian Aid acknowledges that they are crucial to sealing a climate deal that will put poor people first.

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More climate talks? Yes, and they're crucial

Flooding in Kenya

8 Jun - UN climate talks resumed in Bonn this week. And while we might have talks fatigue, Christian Aid acknowledges that they are crucial to sealing a climate deal that will put poor people first.

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Back on the road to Rio

Woman in drought-hit Kenya

2 Jun - In 12 months, world leaders will again meet in Brazil to formulate the global response to our growing climate crisis. Alison Doig, Christian Aid's senior climate change adviser, lays out the challenge for the year leading up to Rio+20.

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More coffee, minister?

Laura Trevelyan

3 Jun - Laura Trevelyan explains how, as well as collecting donations, some supporters used Christian Aid Week as a chance to lobby their MPs on tax and climate change.

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IHG stepping forward

InterContinental Hotels Group logo

27 May - Today we took another small step in the right direction for our Trace the tax campaign, when IHG announced that it 'supports international tax transparency'.

Trace the tax update

Huhne hears our climate requests

Chris Huhne

26 May - Clare Groves wound down Christian Aid Week in style, meeting Chris Huhne in his Hampshire constituency. And best of all, she heard some promising noises from the energy and climate change secretary.

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Puma leads the way on carbon reporting

Puma Vision headquarters (photo courtesy of puma.com, source: rr-fotoreporter)

23 May - Puma announced a world-first this month: the company will report on the environmental impact of its whole operation. Laura Trevelyan tells us why she's impressed.

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An audience with the Prime Minister

David Cameron in Oxford

18 May - Amy Merone on how lobbying the prime minister was the perfect way to start Christian Aid Week.

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Campaign success as government announces new climate change targets

UK Prime Minister David Cameron

17 May - Thank you for responding so quickly to last week's emergency email. Sarah Whittington looks at how the pressure from you has made a real difference.

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Hungry for Justice this Christian Aid Week

Climate justice now

13 May - Worrying reports in the press this week suggest divisions within the coalition government over their climate change commitments. Sarah Whittington looks at what this could mean for the world's poor.

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Forget fossil fuels - the poor need a clean future!

No World Bank Loan

9 May - The World Bank has scaled back some of its fossil-fuel investment - but the world's poor need it to make a clean break. Clare Groves introduces the next crucial stage of our campaign.

Act now!

World Bank & fossil fuels: the movie

World Bank animation

9 May - We've put together a short animated film to explain our campaign to get the World Bank out of fossil fuels. View it here - and share it on Twitter and Facebook.

Watch video

Africa speaks out on tax dodging

Alasdair Roxburgh

6 May - Alasdair Roxburgh delivers a super quick blog entry about a report today that five African nations are going to look into the operations of SABMiller.

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More than just an endorsement...

Church in the City

3 May - As the Baptist Union endorses our Trace the Tax campaign, Alasdair Roxburgh looks at the vital role the churches can play in sealing tax justice.

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G20 leaders hold the key on tax havens

G20 key hand-in

12 Apr - With the G20 finance ministers meeting in Washington DC this week to discuss our global economic future, we decided to drop them a message about ending tax haven secrecy.

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Fossil-fuel chain gang makes Bank deposit

Fossil fuel chain gang

6 Apr - Our chain gang's been in action again, dropping off thousands more messages to development secretary, Andrew Mitchell, urging him to help get the World Bank out of fossil-fuel loans.

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Bank bonus for climate campaign

No to World Bank Fossil Fool Loan

4 Apr - Fantastic news! The World Bank is planning to limit its funding for fossil-fuel power. It's reason to celebrate, says Sarah Whittington - but it's just a start.

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Caravan of Hope

Carvan of hope

This November, we joined the Trans African Climate Caravan of Hope, a 4000 mile campaigning journey through 10 countries in Africa to demand climate justice before the COP 17 in Durban, South Africa.

The journey

Low-carbon Africa: Leapfrogging to a green future

Working by light

It is possible to lift Africa out of energy poverty without increasing greenhouse gas emissions, new report shows.

Read our report

Alternative Tax Awards

Alternative Tax Awards

Christian Aid's Alternative Tax Awards recognised outstanding achievements in the field of tax dodging, highlighting the $160bn it costs poor countries every year.

Watch video

Crack down on pinstriped pirates

Pinstriped pirates

Our calls for world leaders to take action against tax-dodging businesses ahead of major G20 talks in November 2009.

Email Darling

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