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Elections 2016

Tax and human rights conference - Dublin 2015 With elections coming up in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland this year, this is the perfect time to raise our voices and speak out on behalf of the poor.

We want to make sure that candidates running for election hear that their potential future constituents are concerned about issues of global justice such as tax dodging and climate change.


Republic of Ireland General Election 26 February:

Christian Aid is a member of a network of international development agencies working in Ireland called Dóchas.

We are calling for all parties and candidates to support the recommendations of the Dóchas manifesto.


What can you do:

• Email, tweet or facebook your local candidates. Send them a copy of the Dóchas manifesto and ask them if they agree with its recommendations.

Click to find out who is running in your constituency.

• Consider asking your candidates one or more of the following questions, either in person, if they call at your door.  You could attend a local hustings event or you could email your candidates.


Questions to ask your candidates:


1) What steps will you take to ensure that Ireland make a fair contribution to the goal of keeping the average global temperature rise to below 1.5 degrees Celcius?

2) How will you ensure that Ireland meets its fair share of international climate finance obligations in addition to our existing overseas aid?



3) What will you do to tackle corporate tax evasion and avoidance and to ensure that developing countries, in particular, can claim the tax revenue that they are due.

4) How will you ensure that Ireland’s tax policies do not contribute to tax avoidance and evasion in developing countries.

5) Will you support the development of a tax and human rights policy to help guide the development of Irish tax policy.

Let us know how you get on.

We’d love to see some of the responses that you get from your local candidates.

You can send us feedback to Campaignsireland@christian-aid.org

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