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Citizens' Assembly

Tax and human rights conference - Dublin 2015


The Citizens’ Assembly, which consists of 99 representative members of the Irish public and a chairperson, Justice Mary Lafoy, was established in October 2016.

They are considering a number of complex and important questions, including one asking; ‘how can the State make Ireland a leader on tackling climate change?’

The Assembly will produce reports and recommendations based on their deliberations for the consideration of the Oireachtas. As part of this process, the Assembly requested submissions from interested individuals, groups and organisations.


Our submission

Christian Aid has been working on climate change for more than a decade, helping communities to adapt and lobbying our governments and businesses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our partners, and the communities with which they work, are already experiencing negative effects of a changing climate, with lives and livelihoods damaged in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Christian Aid Ireland’s submission to the Citizens’ Assembly is calling on the government to take the following 8 actions:

  • Pass the Fossil Fuel Divestment Bill to divest the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund from fossil fuels as soon as possible

  • Make regular contributions to the UN Green Climate Fund to help developing countries adapt to climate change

  • Adopt 5-year climate action plans that contain specific 5-year emissions reduction targets

  • Push the EU to strengthen its targets in light of the Paris UN Climate Agreement

  • Stop burning peat for electricity in 2020 and ensure training and employment opportunities for those affected

  • Stop burning coal for electricity in 2022 and ensure training and employment opportunities for those affected

  • Introduce a fair payment for solar energy

  • End all new oil and gas exploration in Irish waters


Read the full text of our submission to the Citizens’ Assembly (PDF download)

The Citizens' Assembly will be meeting in late September and early November 2017 to consider the submissions they have received


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