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Inspiring stories: adapting to climate change

Millions of the world’s poorest people are feeling the impact of climate change right now. Yet millions hold a vision of a better future and are showing their love for the world – making changes in their lives to tread more lightly and lead by example.

In developing countries people are campaigning for change and adapting to new climates in innovative ways.


A climate warning from the Indian jungle

A woman stands in water

Discover the tale of the tiger, the fisherman, his wife and our future.

How man eating tigers protect millions

Bouncing back against all odds: El Salvador and climate change

Jorge, El Salvador fisherman

In El Salvador, Jorge and his community are determined not to let the threat of climate change destroy a livelihood that many families depend on.

Developing alternative incomes

Rice farmers battling extreme weather in the Philippines

Martha, a rice farmer in the Philippines

Martha Balderama has witnessed many typhoons in her lifetime. We're working with rice farmers like Martha to adapt to the effects of climate change.

Adapting to climate change

Mali solar project

Man carrying a solar panel

Our partner Mali-Folkecenter is harnessing sunlight to power development across the country.


Farming pioneers: making every drop count

Lilian, a conservation farmer from Zimbabwe

Widowed in 2000, Lilian found a secure future when – with the help of Christian Aid partners Zimpro - she discovered a new farming technique.

Lilian's story

Adapting to climate change: missing the rain?

James Kheri receives mobile weather forecasts in Malawi

'Before, we used to be able to predict the rains by the time of year, and see the signs. Now we can’t.' Find out how text message weather forecasts help James feed his children.

James' story

Meet Elizabeth. She’s one in a million

A woman stands in front of a mountain range in Bolivia

Elizabeth helps communities in Bolivia understand the causes and consequences of climate change.

Elizabeth's story