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Speak Up week of action: 8-16 October 2016

Speak Up Week of action logo Welcome to your one stop shop for everything you need for the Speak Up week of action.

Inviting your local MP to a wine tasting evening from regions affected by climate change? Holding a special climate service or an outdoor adventure? These resources are here to help.



Organising your event

Speak up event guide Event guide

This booklet gives all the background info on Speak Up, some ideas for your event and top tips on how to organise it.

Download your pdf

Download your printable booklet


Stories with supper

If your event involves food, then this is the resource for you. Bringing together stories from Christian Aid partners around the world who are affected by climate change and a tasty recipe from their country.

This resource will be ready by 30 July - check back then to download your copy!


Tricky questions

Climate change is a big issue so we want to help you feel prepared for any questions you may face.

This resource will be ready by 30 July - check back then to download your copy!


Speak Up Week of action checklist Event checklist

We have put together this handy checklist to help make sure you don’t forget anything when planning your event.

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Sermon notes Sermon notes

Use these sermon notes on the either of the Sundays during the Speak Up week of action and encourage your church community to get involved.

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Week of action prayers Prayers

Use these prayers to help lead reflection and worship on the theme of climate change during Speak Up.

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Speaking Up with your local representative


tips for meeting your MP Top tips for meeting your local representative

Whether you speak to your local MP regularly or you have never before, this document helps set out some helpful tips on what to do when meeting your MP to build a good relationship with them. 

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Briefing for your local politician

You don’t have to be a policy expert to speak to your local politician about climate change. You can give them this briefing with all the key points.

This resource will be ready by 30 July - check back then to download your copy!


Template letter inviting your local politician Template letter inviting your local politician

This template letter includes all the key info and best practice for inviting your local representative.

Download your editable letter




Promoting your event

Media pack Media pack

Tell the whole world about it! This resource gives you top tips on how to approach your local media outlets, including a template press release.

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Week of action press release Template press release

You can edit and print this press release to make it relevant to your local event and get the media to come along.

Download your editable press release




Week of action top tips for promotingTop tips for promoting your event

It is always great when everyone from your community gets involved. From advertising locally to using social media this resource has everything to help you promote your event

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tips for linking up locally Top tips for linking up locally

Getting other groups involved will make your event more exciting and help you build useful connections. Here’s some ideas for how to connect locally.

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Speak up flyer Speak Up week of action flyer

Use this flyer to promote the week of action, think about where you could put this poster up to get the best promotion.

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Editable poster Editable poster

This resource is editable so you can use it to promote your event, remember to put down key information like where, when and what.

Download your editable poster




Getting schools involved

Speak Up schools resource Schools resource

Step-by-step resource for your school to get involved in the Speak Up Week of action this Autumn.

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Keep revisiting this page as we will be adding and updating it with new resources.

We want to support you as you organise your event so please contact us at campaigns@christian-aid.org  or on 0207 523 2264 with any questions.