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Become a local lobbyist

Do you want to do more than sign a petition? Then why not become a local lobbyist?

A supporter lobbying against tax dodging Local lobbyists help take our messages of justice to the heart of government. It is a powerful way of changing and influencing laws and policies.

Being a local lobbyist will involve either meeting with or writing to your local TD or MP up to four times a year, on different issues.

You don't need to be an expert on the issues; we’ll provide you with all the information and support you require. All you need is a passion for ending poverty.

How it works

Approximately four times a year Christian Aid will send you a local lobbyist pack in the mail or by email. This contains:

  • A supporter briefing which gives an overview of the issue we are campaigning on, with the key points and what we would like the Government to do about it.

  • A briefing to give or send to your TD or MP to give them a more detailed explanation of the campaign and what we are asking them to do. 

  • A feedback form which is really important for us here at Christian Aid. It’s really useful for us to know which politicians have been contacted and what they think about different issues. You can also use this as an opportunity to tell us what you think of the campaign and if you have any ideas about how we could better take an issue forward.


Sign up now

Please complete our online form to sign up to become a local lobbyist, or contact your local office for more information:

Dublin: contact Michael Briggs, Education & Campaigns Officer
Telephone: 01 496 7040
Email: mbriggs@christian-aid.org

Belfast: contact Dave Thomas, Education & Campaigns Coordinator
Telephone: 028 9064 8133
Email: dthomas@christian-aid.org

As a local lobbyist Christian Aid will send you information four times a year. These lobbying packs will encourage you to meet your local politicians to discuss a particular issue to help end poverty. 

Top tips for local lobbyists

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Download PDF 

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