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Tax campaign resources

Campaign resources 


We are calling on local councils to take a stand against tax dodging when securing goods and services from multinational companies. Find out how in this campaign guide. You can also download this editable press release to increase the profile of the campaign in your local area

Tax Campaign Guide thumbnailDownload the campaign guide








Tax campaign briefing thumbnailDownload this briefing to give to your local councillors or council officers






Pocket guide to tax justice

The pocket guide to tax justice

This pocket-sized guide gives you a great introduction to Christian Aid’s tax campaign and how tax justice can help end poverty.

Download the PDF version (PDF, 1mb) or order hard copies by calling +44 (0)8700 787 788, quoting the code F2245.




Video: Where has all the money gone?

This great new video gives an overview of how tax dodging and capital flight help to keep poor people trapped in poverty around the world.

Please feel free to share this with your friends and family and in church.



STOP Tax Dodging campaigner pack

STOP tax dodging campaigner pack front cover This eight page briefing is designed to help you equip church and community groups to campaign to end the scandal of tax dodging in the world’s poorest countries

Download pack (PDF, 3mb)




STOP Tax Dodging campaigner presentation

STOP tax dodging presentation thumbnail This PowerPoint presentation - complete with notes - is designed to help you present the STOP tax dodging campaign to your church and community groups.

Download presentation (PPT, 3.4mb)  



Jubilee economics

Jubilee economics booklet thumbnail We have been glad to work with the Jubilee Debt Campaign on these six studies on the Bible and economics. They provide excellent resources for church groups on such topics as ‘Good news for the poor’ and ‘Forgive us our debts’.

You will find accessible ways into discussions that help engage biblical insights with urgent and contemporary economic issues, and all you need for a lively and informed reflection is here.

Download the booklet (PDF, 1.2mb)