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Sourced - the essentials

Ask your local council to tackle tax dodging!

Our Sourced campaign aims to use the financial influence of local councils to change the behaviour of big business.

Local authorities spend many billions each year on goods and services from private companies. That means local authorities are in a powerful position to insist on minimum ethical standards from companies. These companies include big multinational companies who also operate in developing countries.

Tax is one of the most powerful tools that countries can use to lift their citizens out of poverty. Corporate tax dodging is costing developing countries up to an estimated $300bn in lost revenues every year. These funds could be used to provide essential services like healthcare, education, and investment in infrastructure.

The big questions

Our new campaign calls on local councils to ask a more detailed set of questions to companies with whom they do business than they are currently obliged to, before they buy goods and services from them.

We are asking councils to pass a motion to support the introduction of these tax compliance questions into their procurement procedures.

Email your councillor today

The more councils that pass this motion, the louder the message to the private sector that the public will not tolerate tax dodging.

Success so far

·        Passed: Belfast, Lisburn and Crasterleagh, Oxford city, Worcestershire county, Ards and North Down, Antrim and Newtonabbey and Richmond.

·         Considering: Rochdale Metropolitan Borough, Essex, Fermanagh and Omagh, Lancaster, Manchester, Solihull, Cambridge, Leeds.

How do I take action?