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Christian Aid and the churches in Wales

The good relationship that Christian Aid enjoys with the churches in Wales owes much to the sense that it is a cause that has grown from within local churches and communities, rather than being planted from the outside.

For most of the churches in Wales, Christian Aid is the agency they turn to on issues of global justice, humanitarian emergencies and international development.

The church bodies based in Wales i.e. Church in WalesPresbyterian Church of WalesBaptist Union of Wales and  Union of Welsh Independents - are represented on the Christian Aid National Committee for Wales.

The committee also includes representatives of UK wide church bodies i.e.  United Reformed ChurchMethodist Church in WalesBaptist Union of Great BritainCongregational FederationQuakers, Unitarians and the Salvation Army.

Wales’s ecumenical body is CYTUN (Churches Together in Wales), which encourages its member churches to actively support Christian Aid. Christian Aid works within CYTUN and its General Secretary is a member of the National Committee.

Support from the churches

All the major church bodies support us during Christian Aid Week and other key moments. They also take part in campaign actions and in prayer and worship throughout the year.

Worship resources in Welsh, where available, can be found alongside the English equivalent on relevant pages of the website.

In addition to their on going support, both the Union of Welsh Independents (UWI) and the Presbyterian Church of Wales (PCW) hold regular 5 year denominational appeals in support of the work of our partners and the Baptist Union of Wales does so periodically.

The PCW has recently completed an Appeal for the work of our partners in Guatemala, which has raised approximately £230,000 and the UWI is about to embark on their latest appeal to support our partners work in Haiti.

The Church in Wales also holds diocesan appeals. Many of the URC churches in Wales support Christian Aid through Commitment for Life.

The Congregational Federation are midway through their appeal to support our partner work in Nicaragua

Many churches in Wales are also supporting us regularly through the Christian Aid Community Partnership scheme.

If you would like to know more about Christian Aid’s work with the churches or look at our church resources, visit our churches homepage.  

For more information about Christian Aid Wales’s work with churches contact Nerys Williams at the Cardiff office: cardiff@christian-aid.org


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