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Christian Aid is part of the global ACT Alliance

Christian Aid is a key member of the ACT Alliance, a coalition of 100 churches and church-related organisations working together in humanitarian assistance and development.

With a combined budget of more than £1 billion, members of the ACT Alliance are able to provide emergency food aid, shelter, water, sanitation and poverty reduction programmes more efficiently in the world’s poorest countries.

With over 30,000 people working in 125 countries, the ACT Alliance is one of the largest international networks channelling emergency and development aid from both public and private donors to the people who need it most. Alongside Christian Aid, other members of the ACT Alliance include Norwegian Church Aid, the USA’s Church World Service, and Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe of Germany.

The ACT Alliance represents organisations large and small. When disaster strikes, it is often those organisations with deep roots in local communities that are best placed to offer immediate help. Following the 2004 Tsunami, emergency relief supplies of food and water were provided within hours of the disaster by Christian Aid-supported organisations that were already based in India and Sri Lanka.

In 2010, money raised by Christian Aid helped victims of the Chile earthquake. It was sent to the Chilean ACT Alliance member, FASIC, to buy food, shelter materials and improve water and sanitation facilities. In Haiti, medical supplies and hygiene kits sent from the US by Church World Service were passed on to Aprosifa, a Christian Aid partner for many years.  By working together, ACT Alliance members are able to target the aid much more effectively. 

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