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From inspiration to impact – the vision of Christian Aid Ireland

Christian Aid Ireland believes that the underlying causes of poverty were made by, and can be ended by, human action. We also believe that we, the wealthiest generations in human history, have the greatest opportunity to overcome poverty.

It is a scandal that in the midst of so much wealth, millions are still poor, children go to bed hungry and are uneducated, and that families are homeless and without hope.

Christian Aid Ireland strategy 2014

Christian Aid Ireland has launched ‘From Inspiration to Impact – the vision of Christian Aid Ireland’. It outlines how we will work together with our individuals, supporters, churches, businesses, governments and local partner organisations to end poverty.

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How we will achieve our vision

  • We will aim to inspire people throughout Ireland and overseas to play an active and positive role in ending poverty.

  • We will work to make a profound, inclusive and lasting impact in the lives of people living in poverty. We want to ensure that the voices of the poor are heard.

  • We want to grow our income and supporter network so that we can achieve greater impact in ending poverty. We will continue to be open and accountable on where our income comes from and how we spend it.

  • We will aim to build on our good reputation in Ireland as a strong and effective organisation

  • We will do our work with integrity and humility, based on our Christian faith.

Christian Aid Ireland works globally for profound change that eradicates the causes of poverty. We believe in tackling the root causes of poverty, not just the symptoms. We believe the world can and must be changed so that there is equality, dignity and freedom for all, regardless of faith or nationality.

We cannot do this alone. We need people like you to give, act or pray with us, because by working together, we can end poverty. We urge you to get involved and help us achieve our vision of ending poverty.



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