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Christian Aid's sponsoring churches

1. Baptist Union of Great Britain
2. Baptist Union of Scotland
3. Baptist Union of Wales
4. Cherubim and Seraphim Council of Churches
5. Church in Wales
6. Church of England
7. Church of Ireland
8. Church of Scotland
9. Congretional Federation
10. Council of African and Afro-Caribbean Churches
11. Council of Oriental Orthodox Christian Churches
12. Countess of Huntingdon’s Connexion
13. Fellowship of the Churches of Christ
14. Free Church of England
15. Greek Orthodox Church
16. Independent Methodist Churches
17. International Ministerial Council of Great Britain
18. Joint Council for Anglo-Carribbean Churches
19. Lutheran Council of Great Britain
20. Methodist Church
21. Methodist Church in Ireland
22. Moravian Church of Great Britain and Ireland
23. New Assembly of Churches
24. New Testament Assembly
25. Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland
26. Old Baptist Union
27. Presbyterian Church in Ireland
28. Presbyterian Church of Wales
29. Religious Society of Friends in Britain
30. Religious Society of Friends in Ireland
31. Russian Orthodox Church
32. Salvation Army (UK Territory)
33. Scottish Episcopal Church
34. Seventh Day Adventist Church
35. Union of Welsh Independents
36. Unitarian and Free Christian Churches
37. United Free Church of Scotland
38. United Reformed Church
39. Wesleyan Holiness Church
40. Church of God of Prophecy
41. New Testament Church of God

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