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Egypt crisis: call for an end to violence

15 August 2013

Christian Aid is shocked by the violence that has taken place in Cairo and across parts of Egypt in recent days, and deeply concerned by the increasing number of civilian casualties. 

Egypt Crisis August 2013

Our thoughts and prayers are with our partners and the people of Egypt at this time.

We urge all parties to end the violence and work towards a peaceful resolution, which allows all Egyptians to have a voice in defining their future, and the future of the country.

We call on the international community to do all that it can to bring about a peaceful solution as quickly as possible.


Following the removal from power of elected President Mohammed Morsi of the Islamic Brotherhood on July 3, there have been a number of protests by pro and anti-Morsi supporters, and outbreaks of violence across the country.

In the last 48 hours, following attempts by the security forces to disperse pro-Morsi camps in Cairo, hundreds of people have died, even more have been injured and a state of emergency has been declared.

Protection of civilians

We call for the protection of civilians, including the prevention of sexual abuse against women, and maintenance of the rule of law.

Egypt needs calm, stability and the peaceful expression of the plethora of voices that make up this diverse and vibrant nation to achieve sustainable development and the protection of rights.

Our response – building on our work

We work with five Egyptian partners in country. 

Our work since 2011 has included work with communities to improve local economic development; supporting farmers and small businesses, and running cash for work schemes, which have simultaneously provided an income for the poorest while rebuilding or improving damaged schools and buildings.

Our partners are in touch with communities, assessing levels of insecurity and food and fuel shortages. We are ready to respond with humanitarian or community support if necessary.

Over the past two years, we have also run citizenship training, which has increased people’s awareness of their rights, the importance of political processes and public debate. 

This will stand people in good stead in the continuing political uncertainty and help them to make their voices heard in the debate over Egypt’s future.

Please support our work so we can continue to help communities in need.

Photo: Nameer Galal/Demotix


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