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Ebola: A virus without borders

Ebola is having a devastating effect on the poorest countries in West Africa.

An estimated five cases are reported every hour in Sierra Leone as infection rates continue to soar.

Our response

A community health volunteer uses a megaphone to give health messages on how to prevent the spread of Ebola ‘It’s a desperate situation. Our partners are working tirelessly,’ says Jeanne Kamara, Country Manager for Sierra Leone.

Five partners across nine districts are raising awareness of the global health emergency and supplying food to those in quarantine.

In this podcast direct from the field, Jeanne talks about the scale of the outbreak, the impact on society beyond healthcare and the enormous challenges our partners face in responding.

Human interaction destroyed

  • People have stopped exchanging the sign of peace in church.'

Jeanne says the effects of the deadly virus ‘go against the grain of our human interaction’.

People are no longer able to communicate in a way that is so central to life in Sierra Leone.

Beyond the more obvious health crisis is the spiralling impact on the development of the country - the economy, education and livelihoods.

Ebola is eating away at the social fabric of society.

Hunger is undermining quarantine efforts as poverty, increased food prices and limited support force people to leave their homes in search of food.

‘Many young people are being orphaned. Many children are now out in the streets as schools have not been opened,’ adds Jeanne. 

‘It’s a desperate situation. Time is running out. Help is needed now.’

How you can help

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