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India floods: Death toll likely to exceed 5,000

25 June 2013

India floods: Death toll likely to exceed 5,000

At least 20,000 people remain missing following landslides and flooding in northern India. The death toll is likely to exceed 5,000. The state of Uttarakhand has been affected most.

Heavy and incessant rain in the upper Himalayas - which began on Friday 14 June – triggered a series of landslides and flash floods causing damage to roads and bridges and leaving stranded over 60,000 pilgrims headed for various shrines in the region. The number now stranded is 10,000 however further rescue operations are being hindered due to fresh rains and minor landslides.

Over 100 villages have borne the brunt of the floods in the worst affected districts of Rudraprayag, Chamoli and Uttarkashi with up to a 1,000 homes damaged if not completely washed away.

Christian Aid partner CASA is already involved in some initial relief work, providing emergency items such as food and shelter, blankets and medicines, to those affected. Anand Kumar, Christian Aid’s India country manager said: ‘Tragically the number of people who have lost their lives is going to rise in the coming days following this disaster. Many areas still remain inaccessible which makes relief and rescue operations very difficult.

‘Christian Aid remains in contact with partners and local organisations working in the region and is awaiting more information on the impact of the disaster in the upper reaches and surrounding villages.’

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