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Floods endanger the people of Metro Manila once more

19 September 2014

Heavy, nonstop rain has devastated the Philippines, leaving parts of Metro Manila and surrounding provinces under water. The situation is expected to worsen as the storms persist.

We are monitoring the situation closely with our local partners.

Extreme weather of this kind is common in the Philippines. In August 2012, heavy monsoon rains battered the country, causing widespread flooding, flash floods and landslides.

More than two million people were forced from their homes and 112 people were killed.

In response, we reached more than 31,000 people with emergency relief through our partners.

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A disaster-prone country

More than half of the population of the Philippines live in disaster-prone areas, and the country is now considered the third most vulnerable in the world to natural disasters and climate change.

The Philippines experiences around 20 typhoons a year. Twenty of the largest cities are situated on the coast and are most at risk of rising sea levels and extreme climate conditions.

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