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Hurricane Sandy hits Haiti

14 November 2012

It has been three weeks since Hurricane Sandy struck Haiti leaving 54 people dead, 21 missing and 20 injured.

Christian Aid is releasing an initial €124,000/ £100,000 to help our partners respond.

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Food, water and shelter needed

Haiti Hurricane Sandy November 2012

An estimated 18,000 homes were flooded, damaged or destroyed. Around 70% of crops have been affected, and five bridges have collapsed.

The main needs of those affected are food, water and shelter

Latest estimates indicate that up to two million people are at risk of malnutrition.

State of emergency

The situation led the Government to declare on 30 October a one-month state of emergency in the country. The South, West, Nippes and Grand-Anse departments are the areas most affected and where our partners Koral, SSID and MISSEH operate. 

Our partners worked to prepare community leaders before Hurricane Sandy. This work was crucial, as they were able to direct 20,000 people to shelters and were part of the rescue operations. 

Christian Aid is releasing an initial £100,000 to help our partners provide cash, clean water and cash-for-work schemes to those affected.

Eyewitness account

Christian Aid's Haiti country manager, Prospery Raymond, informs us:

  • The government managed to provide shelter to more than 15,000 people and food kits as well. They are doing their best, but it is not enough.


Read more: Prospery Raymond talks to Guardian journalist Paul Owen about Christian Aid's plans to support partners in helping people affected by Hurricane Sandy.



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