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Cyclone Hudhud slams into Indian coast

13 October 2014

On Sunday October 12, Cyclone Hudhud slammed into the east coast of India, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Around 350,000 people have been evacuated and six people killed.

The states of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha bore the brunt. Fierce wind and incessant rain wrecked homes, uprooted trees and tore down power lines.

Our response

Our local partners are responding now, assessing the affected areas.

Partners including Society for National Integration and Rural Development (SNIRD) and Visionaries of Creative Action for Liberation & Progress (VICALP), are ready to provide essential food relief and meet the needs for shelter, water, sanitation and hygiene.

The stark reality

Our Regional Emergency Manager, Dipankar Patnaik said: ‘India’s eastern coast and neighbouring Bangladesh is routinely hit by severe storms between April and November. This is the stark reality facing some of the poorest and most vulnerable communities in India.’

‘It is an incredibly worrying time. People fear for their safety, for their loved ones and for their livelihoods. Whole communities rely on farming and fishing to make ends meet. However, rice, coconut, cashew and mango crops have been ruined, and with it people’s source of income.’

Cyclone Phailin and South Asia Floods

In October last year Cyclone Phailin smashed into the east coast of India. Vulnerable communities saw their crops, livestock and entire livelihoods wrecked.

At the time our local partners worked tirelessly to help evacuate more than one million people. We have since supported more than 116,000 people to recover.

Odisha and Andhra Pradesh have already been battered this year. In August, heavy rain and subsequent flooding devastated communities, not only in India, but right across the region.

We reacted swiftly by launching the South Asia Floods Appeal.

What you can do

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