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Raging floods leave hundreds dead and thousands homeless in India

October 2014

Heavy and intense monsoon rain has devastated vulnerable communities across India as well as areas of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. We are asking for your help to provide urgent humanitarian support.

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Homes swept away

At least 280 people died and around five million people were affected, following recent incessant rain in Jammu and Kashmir in northern India.

Raging floodwaters destroyed homes, sunk entire villages and deluged Srinagar city. More than 80% of areas in the city were underwater.

Our local partner Church Auxliary for Social Action (CASA) and Act Now for Harmony and Democracy (ANHAD) is responding now meeting the immediate needs for shelter, medical supplies and safe drinking water.

Our Regional Emergency Manager, Dipankar Patnaik said: ‘With winter fast approaching, this is an anxious time. It will soon be bitterly cold at night. Families have lost clothing and bedding. If people’s homes haven’t been totally destroyed, they are finding that they are simply too damaged or damp to live in. As ever, it’s the poorest and most marginalised who are hardest hit.’

Our partners have already distributed 4,000 blankets, 1,500 solar lanterns and 250 pressure cookers. With your support we could reach more of the worst affected.

Alongside providing vital food relief, our partners are ensuring clean drinking water by filtering polluted water sources and distributing water purification tablets. 

  • Flooding on this scale is devastating. Communities in affected areas rely on farming to earn a living and feed themselves. For many that’s all gone. It’s an anxious and uncertain time.'

Thousands of desperate families

Children sit at a feeding centre in Odisha

Food distribution in Odisha state run by our partner CASA

Since last July, torrential rain has caused severe flooding and affected 3.6 million people in Odisha state, eastern India.

Though water is abundant, it is dangerous to drink. CASA is providing community kitchens, filtering water from open wells and distributing vital water purification tablets.

We will be meeting the desperate need for shelter aiming to reach 650 households with tarpaulins, ground sheets and mosquito nets.

We also aim to support 500 households with cash-for-work, a much needed source of income in the aftermath of an emergency.

Serving the community

Our Regional Emergency Manager, Dipankar Patnaik said: ‘Flooding on this scale is devastating. Communities in affected areas rely on farming to earn a living and feed themselves. For many that’s all gone. It’s an anxious and uncertain time.

‘In an effort to make ends meet, households are often forced to sell whatever might be left of their belongings and slide deeper into debt. With no savings to fall back on, cash-for-work is vital.’

Those involved help clear debris and repair people’s homes. It provides a much needed income for the most vulnerable while serving the community.

Homeless villagers in Uttar Pradesh

More than 1 million people were affected by flooding in Uttar Pradesh.

Around 1,100 villages were flooded, forcing families to seek refuge on nearby embankments and along the national highway.

Our partners, including Poorvanchal Gramin Vikas Sansathan (PGVS), are responding, aiming to reach 5,500 people with essential relief items including food, tarpaulins, mosquito nets, buckets and soap.



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