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Monsoon rains and floods devastate Pakistan

9 September 2014

More than 200 people have been killed following heavy and intense rainfall in north-west Pakistan.

Around 40,000 people have been made homeless across Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Kashmir, while neighbouring communities along the border with India have also been affected.

A group of men among rubble in Pakistan

Our partners Church World Service - Pakistan/Afghanistan (CWS-P/A) and Muslim Hands are responding now and aim to reach more than 24,000 people with vital items including cooked food, emergency shelter and medicine. 

Hungry and tired

Neill Garvie, our country manager for Pakistan said: ‘Many areas are now inaccessible due to landslides. With the water supply cut off, households are facing an anxious and uncertain time.

‘People are hungry and tired; there is an immediate need for food, medicine and shelter.

‘Sadly, there is no sign of the situation easing.  Heavy rain is forecast for the next 72 hours and the Indus River is expected to breech its banks further downstream in Sindh province in the coming days.’

Life and death

Many of the people affected by flooding have borne the brunt of previous disasters such as the Kashmir earthquake in 2005, and the floods of 2010.

Neill continued: ‘This really is a matter of life and death, not forgetting the havoc extreme weather of this kind will wreak on peoples’ livelihoods.
‘As ever, it’s the poorest and marginalised communities who are most vulnerable.’

Across the border in India

Monsoon rains know no borders, and the impacts of flooding, flash floods and landslides are also being felt across the border in neighbouring Indian communities.

Neill continued: ‘Tragically, households in both Pakistan and India - who share the same livelihoods, cultivate the same soil and are subject to the same poverty - are together facing the devastation wrought by extreme weather such as this.’


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