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Monsoon rains strike Assam and Uttar Pradesh

16 July 2013

A road in Uttarakhand destroyed as a consequence of flooding and landslide

Destruction caused in Uttarakhand as a consequence of rains and subsequent landslide and flooding. Photo: Christian Aid/Sarah Filbey

Following the recent devastating floods in Uttarakhand, the northern and northeastern states of Uttar Pradesh and Assam are now bearing the brunt of India’s monsoon rains.

Heavy and uninterrupted rains have seen rivers rise and widespread flooding.

Around 500,000 people have been affected in Uttar Pradesh, while in Assam almost 250,000 people have been forced to leave their homes.

More rain forecast

June has been declared the wettest month on record in the last decade, and more rains are predicted in the coming days.

Christian Aid and our partners on the ground are monitoring the situation closely.

Only last September, heavy and incessant rains took their toll on the state of Assam. 700 villages were flooded and hundreds of thousands of people were forced to abandon their homes.

Our partners responded in the immediate aftermath and later supported families to rebuild their homes.

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