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Supporting thousands left homeless by forceful Malawi floods

Torrential rain and severe flooding across Malawi has left more than 121,000 people homeless. We are acting fast to provide emergency shelter and provisions to thousands in distress.

  • They’re saying these are the worst floods Malawi has experienced since 1997.’

Two women wade through flood water

Credit: Francis Botha/ACT/DCA

Plunged into darkness

With reports that 630,000 people have been affected, the Malawi government has declared half of the country a disaster zone. Rescue teams are struggling to access those trapped in affected areas.

Large parts of the south have been seriously flooded, destroying homes, crops, livestock and power supplies. Some districts have been plunged into darkness.

We are working to provide:

  • Emergency shelter to  9,000 people 
  • Hygiene kits to 20,000 people

Existing water sources have been damaged and there is a risk that they may become contaminated. We are working with our partners to set up emergency sanitation facilities and distribute 850 insecticide-treated mosquito nets, particularly targeted at pregnant mothers and children under five.

Potential food crisis

One of the most pressing problems for the long-term is the threat of a potential food crisis. Every year in Malawi, millions of people struggle to grow enough to eat and it is feared that many will not have the chance to replant this year.

MacDuff Phiri, our Country Manager in Malawi, explains:  ‘There are people whose harvests have been washed away completely. Many will not have the chance to plant their seeds.

‘The majority of them already live on less than US$1 a day, and all their assets have been washed away. There will be people who will not have enough.’

Climate change

Malawi is one of the countries in Africa worst affected by climate change. Extreme weather such as heavy rain, floods and droughts are common and dangerous to a population where 84% live in rural areas, and rely on the land to live off.

Some of our long-term projects have also been affected. MacDuff Phiri explains: ‘We’ve been working with communities to try and build resilience to climate change.

‘But some of that investment has been washed away. For people going through it, climate change is real and for those of us on the ground serving these people, it’s real.’ 

The number of people left homeless and at risk by the flooding in Malawi is huge, but with your help, we can reach more of these people with shelter. Please give what you can today.

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