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Two typhoons devastate the Philippines

30 August 2013

Almost exactly a year after monsoon rains battered Manila and nearby regions in August 2012, the Philippines is once more bearing the brunt of extreme weather. Two typhoons in the space of a week have devastated areas in the north of the country.

A flooded community in the Philippines

Aftermath of Typhoon Trami, Laguna province. Photo credit: CO-Multiversity (COM)

Typhoon Trami

More than three million people have been affected and 27 people have died as Typhoon Trami battered the island of Luzon on 18-21 August. While over 500 homes have been destroyed, at one point the capital, Manila, was reported to be 70 per cent under floodwater.
Christian Aid partner Partnership of Philippine Support Agencies (PHILSSA) is responding and intends to reach more than 2,000 families in fishing communities and poor urban areas in the provinces of Quezon, Manila, Rizal and Laguna.

PHILSSA will be providing blankets and sleeping mats, buckets and shovels, as well as cash grants to those most affected.

Typhoon Utor

Typhoon Utor tore a path through the northern island of Luzon on 11-12 August, killing 11 people and affecting almost 400,000.

The strong winds and heavy rains destroyed over 2,500 homes, toppled trees and cut off vital power supplies and communications networks.

While many corn, rice and coconut farmers have seen their crops and only source of income ruined, flooding and landslides have rendered many roads impassable.

Our partner, Social Action Center-Northern Quezon (SAC-NQ), is responding in Aurora Province, providing 800 families with cash grants and the means to meet their immediate needs for food and shelter. 

Christian Aid is in regular contact with our partners on the ground and continually assessing the situation. 

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