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East Africa Crisis Appeal 

A literacy class in Sierra Leone

A literacy class in Sierra Leone   

People are dying daily from hunger and malnutrition across East Africa. This is the worst humanitarian crisis since 1945.

Famine has been declared in parts of South Sudan, where 100,000 people face starvation and nearly 5 million people urgently need food. The crisis follows more that three years of devastating conflict, which has left millions of people without a safe place to call home.

The situation is also grave in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia where 14 million people are going hungry every day, caught up in the region’s worst drought in 50 years. In Somalia alone, over 360,000 children under five are extremely malnourished. 

A literacy class in Sierra Leone

How your donation will help

Christian Aid's appeals in the UK and Ireland have raised over £2.1/€2.3m so far.

Your donations are supplying:

  • Tools for work

  • Water

  • Food

  • Cash and vouchers

  • Medical assistance

A literacy class in Sierra Leone

How can you help?

Ways you and your church can support our appeal:

Donate- give directly to this appeal

Church collection - contact us to order your envelopes.

Email our Dublin office: Dublin@christian-aid.org or telephone 01 496 7040.

Email our Belfast office: Belfast@christian-aid.org or telephone 028 9064 8133

Mary Aluat

A literacy class in Sierra Leone  

Mary Aluat’s daughter Manut has had no food for two days and she does not stop crying. The four-year-old is highly malnourished and under developed for her age.

The family have been struggling to find food for the last three months. They currently eat one meagre meal a day.

Mary’s husband is a fisherman. ‘For the last two weeks, he has been unsuccessful in his fishing,’ she said. The river is almost exhausted of fish.

Mary and her family come from northern Bar el Ghazal, north of South Sudan.

The food situation in Bar el Ghazal is classified at an emergency level.

This classification means that many households are going for long periods without food, resulting in acute malnutrition and deaths.



East Africa Crisis Appeal

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