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Surviving Ebola - our stories

Over the past year, the Ebola epidemic has turned everyday life in Sierra Leone upside down.

Read about the challenges the survivors face and find out how we’re helping them to begin rebuilding their lives.

Mabinti's story

Mabinti GTMB

Mabinti is one of many mothers in Sierra Leone mourning the loss of her children to Ebola.

Geraldine's story

Geraldine GTMB

17-year-old Geraldine recovered but was orphaned in the epidemic.

Lillian's story

Lillian GTMB

Lillian Moijueh is one of three Ebola survivors in her family.


International Director Paul Valentin wearing protective clothing as he visits Ebola-affected areas in Sierra Leone

International Director Paul Valentin reflects on the Ebola crisis.

Ebola orphans

Usif, Amadu and Agnes

Grieving orphans often face stigma and a lack of support from their communities.

Text messaging

Martin SMS Voices

Volunteers sending vital updates about Ebola

A village hit by Ebola

A lady distributing non-food items

A peaceful farming village became one of the first places in Sierra Leone to be hit by Ebola.

Ebola Crisis Appeal

Help us provide emergency support to the people of Sierra Leone.

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