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Ethiopia Drought Appeal

More than 10 million people in Ethiopia urgently need access to food supplies and water as the country faces its worst drought in three decades.

A literacy class in Sierra Leone

Farmers haven’t been able to harvest any crops for two consecutive planting seasons, and supplies are dwindling.

In the hardest-hit communities, families are going hungry as they struggle to find enough food to eat. More than 400,000 children are experiencing severe malnutrition.

Without urgent funding to address the food shortages, the humanitarian situation will deteriorate even further. 

Millions of vulnerable people urgently need food assistance. We must act now.

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What we're doing

We’re responding where we can, to ensure that people don’t go hungry.

Earlier this year we released €62,000/£50,000 of emergency funds to help some of the most vulnerable members in the hardest-hit communities.

Our partner HUNDEE used this money to provide school meals for more than 4,000 children whose families do not have enough food to give them even one meal a day.

We have also made sure that 700 children in two more schools have access to safe drinking water.

Much more needs to be done. We’re currently doing further assessments to plan the next steps in our emergency response.

How can you help?

Three ways you and your church can support our appeal:

Donate - give directly to this appeal

Pray - use prayers written for this emergency appeal

Church collection - contact us to order collection envelopes.

Dublin office: email Dublin@christian-aid.org or telephone 01 496 7040.

Belfast office: email Belfast@christian-aid.org or telephone 028 9064 8133.

Ethiopia Drought Appeal

Please donate to help families in urgent need of food aid.

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