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Our approach to emergencies

We are there before, during and after an emergency to save lives and support people long term.

A literacy class in Sierra Leone

How our response works

We're based in countries affected by disasters so we can be there before, during and after an emergency to save lives and support people long term.

Through our work with local organisations in these countries, we can talk directly to the people affected to provide the most useful emergency response.

Our response is:

  • Fast

  • Community-led

  • Long term

  • Inclusive

  • Responsible

  • Building skills


We are members of the following coalitions so we can improve and widen our impact:

ACT Alliance

We are the only UK and Ireland NGO that works with Act Alliance. This extends the network of local organisations we work with to cover 150 countries.


Disasters Emergency Committee

The DEC brings 13 leading aid charities together in times of crisis, ensuring funds reach people that need them most.


CHS Alliance

The CHS Alliance was formed to improve humanitarian response. As a founding member, we commit to meeting these industry standards.

Our vision for the future of aid work

We continuously strive to improve our humanitarian response. We're calling for changes to how agencies respond to future disasters.

At the first World Humanitarian Summit in May 2016, we asked governments and humanitarian organisations to commit to:

1. Asking, listening and responding to the people who are directly affected by disasters.

2. Help support local governments and organisations so they are properly equipped to deal with the crisis.

3. Invest in disaster prevention, ensuring communities are well prepared to respond to future disasters.


Progress so far

The Summit made encouraging progress on these themes.

The UN Secretary General called for a shift in the way humanitarian aid is delivered, including by reinforcing rather than replacing local efforts, and by investing in disaster preparedness.

Other commitments included:

  • pledges to channel 25% of funding directly to national organisations by 2020 – up from the current 0.3%

  • ensuring people receiving aid help to make decisions that affect their lives

  • to significantly increase resources for prevention, mitigation, preparedness and early action.

We will now be pressing donors and agencies to deliver on their commitments.

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