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A Prayer for the Rohingya Crisis

God who hurts with humanity,
we lift up our voices
and pour out our hearts to You,
in sadness, grief and disbelief
at the devastating violence
forcing so many people
from their homes in Myanmar.

Listening to stories of villages being burned,
families being torn apart
and people fleeing for their lives;
we pray they will find places of safety to take refuge.
Reading reports of people walking for days
across difficult terrain,
of bodies arriving weary with sickness,
hunger and thirst;
we pray for deep rest and more food and medicines to help them heal.
Strengthen the Christian Aid partners
already at work.
Give them the access they need
to reach displaced people in Bangladesh and Myanmar;
provide more funding so they can provide more help.

And may our listening, hearing and reading
move us all to make a generous response.
in your merciful name we pray,


Compassionate God,
who loves all of humanity,
we pray for an end to the violence,
for peace, protection and provision
in Myanmar and Bangladesh.
In your mercy,
hear our prayer.


Prayer in times of food shortages

Loving and almighty God,

We pray for all who are working to combat the growing food crisis:
For international aid agencies and local community organisations.
And in particular we pray for those in positions of power.
May the leaders of the nations act with wisdom and compassion
Bringing relief to those who suffer now
And moving us towards a world without hunger.

We pray for our sisters and brothers caught up in a cycle of drought and hunger:
for parents struggling to find food and seeing their children go hungry,
for farmers seeing their crops fail and livestock die.

We pray for ourselves:
May we share generously from the abundance that you have given us
and join our voices with those who call for an end to poverty,
that lives may be saved and rebuilt with hope for the future.
May we act in your name Lord and be an instrument of your grace.





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