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Gaza: rebuilding lives after conflict

Between July and August 2014, Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory experienced escalated levels of violence.

A literacy class in Sierra Leone

Aerial, naval and land bombardments hit the Gaza Strip and rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel.

  • 1,492 Palestinian civilians and four Israeli civilians were killed.

  • At least 500,000 Palestinians were displaced from their homes – almost a quarter of the population of the Gaza strip.

Appeal launched

July 2014

Amount raised

More than €20/£17 million (UK and Ireland combined, and together with the Disasters Emergency Committee)

What we achieved

  • We provided medical treatment to more than 30,000 people.

  • We restored clean water to 100,000 displaced people.

  • We continue to give children and young people psychological support to deal with the trauma experienced during the crisis.

Children playing on a beach in Gaza  

Children in the Gaza Strip grow up living in fear and conflict. The beaches that run along Gaza’s coastline provide a place for them to play and forget.
Credit: Christian Aid / Madeleine McGivern

Medical help and psychological support

During the conflict our partner, the Palestinian Medical Relief Committees (PMRS), delivered medical services to injured people.

Another partner, the Culture and Free Thought Association (CFTA), worked with children during the conflict to give them a sense of safety.

They provided recreational activities in neighbourhoods, enabling children to talk about what they had seen and experienced.

In the days and weeks after the conflict, CFTA helped almost 2,000 women, young men and children to access counselling services and psychological support.

They organised drama therapy workshops for children and young people, as well as opportunities for women and children to meet together and talk about their experiences.

A boy receives medical attention from PHRI medics

A little boy in the Gaza Strip receives medical attention from PHRI medical staff.
Credit: Anne Paq / Active Stills

In December last year, our partner Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHRI) sent a medical team into the Gaza Strip, where they examined more than 200 patients.

In March this year a medical team returned, carrying out operations in hospitals across the Gaza Strip, as well as providing specialist medical training to local staff.

Training was also provided to mental health professionals responding to the psycho-social needs of children affected by the ongoing conflict.

Continuing our support

Christian Aid and its partners continue to support communities living in poverty in Gaza whose lives are affected by the ongoing conflict and the continued Israeli-imposed blockade of the Gaza Strip.

At the same time, we and our partners continue to engage in advocacy efforts towards building a peace based on justice for all.

Christian Aid’s position on Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory

The situation in Gaza cannot be regarded in isolation.

Israel’s maintenance of a six-year blockade of this piece of land is part of the continuing conflict with Palestinians.

This includes the ongoing occupation of Palestinian territory and its people in violation of their rights and dignity.

Christian Aid unequivocally condemns violence on all sides, including rocket fire from Gaza at civilian areas in Israel.

As we have witnessed so many times before, it is innocent civilians who pay the price for a consistent political failure to tackle the core causes of conflict.

The international community must do more to achieve a viable solution that protects the rights and security of all.

We welcome the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and urge both sides to work towards a lasting and just solution.

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