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Stronger communities building a sounder future

Christian Aid and its partners are committed to tackling the underlying causes of poverty in Haiti through our advocacy efforts on the ground as well as in Europe. 

Our partners are engaged in a range of advocacy projects that aim to empower Haitians to claim their rights and be actively involved in the country’s recovery.

Award-winning advocacy efforts

We're delighted to report that Marie Yolène Gilles, the director of local advocacy partner the National Network of Human Rights Defenders (RNDDH), recently won the US embassy’s Women of Courage in Haiti prize.  

This international recognition reflects the incredibly important and brave work RNDDH does in monitoring and reporting human rights abuses in Haiti. 

Christian Aid and RNDDH have been partners for more than 10 years, with projects ranging from helping to professionalise the police service to monitoring last year’s controversial elections. 

We are currently supporting RNDDH to monitor conditions in the camps where nearly half a million displaced Haitians are still living after the earthquake, reporting human rights violations and supporting victims.

Housing Rights for All

We believe that everyone in Haiti has the right to decent housing, and our partner GARR is working hard to ensure that citizens know about their rights and demand these from their government. 

Many Haitians were poorly housed even before the earthquake which left 1.5 million homeless, and there is a huge need to ‘Build Back Better’ with earthquake and hurricane-resistant homes to reduce people’s vulnerability to disasters. 

Through organising workshops, marches, sit-ins and press conferences GARR are helping to raise awareness of housing rights in all sections of society, and are holding national and international actors to account in their aim to achieve housing for all.

Fighting corruption

Christian Aid partner LFFH is using methods learned from the response to the Asian tsunami in 2004 to fight corruption in Haiti.

Experience showed that it was crucial to enable local civil-society organisations to monitor aid delivery, so LFFH are doing this by providing education, training and resources.

LFFH is the Haitian section of the anti-corruption global network Transparency International. It believes that the risk of corruption has increased since the influx of aid after the earthquake, and is committed to tacking it in all its forms.  

In the words of Marilyn Allien, the director of LFHH, ‘the most vulnerable… cannot lay the foundations of a better life while corruption constantly threatens to defeat their efforts.’ 

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