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Pray with us for those affected by the tsunami in South Asia.

Pray for the hundreds of thousands of people still living in tent cities and those rebuilding their homes and lives after the tsunami.

Pray particularly for those grieving the loss of loved ones and for those who are fighting with hotels, who also want to use the land their homes were on to build on.

Thank God for the work that has gone on there, the people who are involved in the rebuilding projects and that enough money was raised to prevent further illness in the camps.

A prayer for those affected

Father God
Today, by your example, may we stand unfailing
Beside those who had so little, and now have less;
Beside those whose lives marked the earth so lightly;
Whose homes and means of living are now washed away
Extend our horizons so that we may see more clearly
That every life devastated is a life born in your image

From the comfort of my home
my heart goes out
to those who have lost everything they own.
From the warmth of my circle of friends
my heart goes out
to those who grieve the loss of people they love.
From the celebrations for a year's end
my heart goes out
to those who face the future with great fear.
Lord God,
take my heart, my prayers, my money,
and use them to bring hope
to the people of the Indian Ocean.

Lord Jesus,
As we celebrate your birth with joy and merriment,
May we make time.

Time to remember the tsunami of 10 years ago,
When we were called to demonstrate love
For those whose lives were shattered.

Time to thank you for the progress made,
Homes rebuilt, schools reopened, new jobs found

Time to thank you for arts, theatre and counselling
Setting people free from trauma

Time to thank you, steadfast God,
That you still walk with the broken hearted, who lost loved ones that day

May we make time

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