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Diamond Awards

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This year, Christian Aid Week marks 60 years of fundraising to bring an end to global poverty.

Churches in Britain and Ireland founded Christian Aid in 1945 to support hundreds of thousands of refugees who lost their homes and possessions in the Second World War.

The first Christian Aid Week took place in 1957 when volunteers from local churches went door to door in their own communities to seek support for the work the churches of Britain and Ireland were continuing to do with refugees in Europe and newly emerging developing countries.

Sixty years ago, Christians refused to stand by while people suffered. Today, as tens of millions of people across the globe flee their homes in search of safety, our generation is rising to that challenge again. We won't turn our backs on the plight of today's refugees.

Christian Aid Week Diamond Awards

Family Fun Day

None of our work would be possible without the tireless dedication of our volunteers. As we mark the diamond anniversary of Christian Aid Week, we're also celebrating the amazing people who make it happen.

Whether it's decades of dedicated collecting or a commitment to creative fundraising, we want to acknowledge people who do amazing things for Christian Aid Week!

Please note that nominations for Diamonds are now closed.

Our Church and Community Officers will be in touch with nominees in April.

Questions about the Diamond Awards

Why are we celebrating Diamonds now?

To mark 60 years of Christian Aid Week, we asked you to nominate your Christian Aid Diamonds. These are people who have supported and raised money for Christian Aid for a long time, or people who have made a great voluntary contribution in some other way.

When will the Diamonds hear about their nominations?

Their closest Church and Community Officer, Jane, Helen or Andrew will be in touch in April. 

What will the Diamond receive?

Each Diamond will receive a certificate, celebrating their huge dedication and support of Christian Aid. 

Will the Diamond’s details be used for anything else?

No, the Diamond’s details are used only to contact them and not for any other purpose. 


Christian Aid Week 2017

Help transform the lives of our global neighbours this Christian Aid Week.

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