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Nejebar's story

Nejebar doesn't have a safe place to call home.

Family Fun Day

Nejebar and her family fled Afghanistan after the Taliban targeted them. Photo credit: Christian Aid

Nejebar fled Afghanistan with her family after the Taliban threatened to kill her husband, Noor, who was a teacher. It wasn't an idle threat - the Taliban blinded, then murdered, another member of their family.

'The last days and weeks in Afghanistan were the hardest,' say Noor. 'When I went to work, my heart was beating harder. I didn't know if my family were going to be alive when I got back.'

Nejebar's family are stuck in Greece

When the family arrived at the refugee camp in Greece, they thought they would only stay for 10 days. But they’ve been there six months now and there’s no end in sight.

Family Fun Day

Nejebar and her daughter Shikufa and son Sudai. Photo credit: Christian Aid

The only protection they have against the wind and rain is their tent. There’s no school for their children. Five-year-old Sudai, their youngest, is ill, but Nejebar and Noor don’t know what’s wrong with him because they can’t communicate with the camp’s doctor, who is Greek.

Family Fun Day 

Nejebar's hope for the future

Nejebar is the rock at the centre of her family, holding them together throughout all this uncertainty. She has even welcomed Faraidoon and Farzad into the family, two brothers who don’t know where their parents are, or if they’re even alive.
Family Fun Day

Nejebar with Faraidoon, he lost his family in Afghanistan. Photo credit: Christian Aid

‘We still have some hope for our children’s future,’ says Nejebar. ‘We only want a peaceful life. We want our children to go to school. The most important thing is our children.’

Whether you host a Big Brekkie, hold a church collection or collect house-to-house, your actions this Christian Aid Week could change the life of our global neighbours like Nejebar and her family.

Join us in the week to ensure everyone has a safe place to call home.

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