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Mary's story

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Mary's family hasn't had a decent meal in months. Food is scarce in South Sudan, a country devastated by ongoing conflict. With your help, we can provide life-saving support to families like Mary's.

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Mary and her family have struggled to find food for the last three months. They survive on one meal a day, but her daughter, four-year-old Manut, is highly malnourished and underdeveloped for her age.

Most of the farmers in Mary’s village in northern South Sudan haven’t had a successful harvest since September 2016. Over three years of devastating conflict has left millions of people in the country in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.

Many families have resorted to fishing in a nearby river, but as a result, it has been exhausted of all its fish. For the last two weeks, Mary’s husband has gone out to fish, but has come home hungry and empty handed.

If food scarcity continues at this alarming rate, children will continue to become malnourished and die.

With your support we can scale up our response and provide life-saving food vouchers to vulnerable families like Mary’s so they have enough to survive.


Enough for everyone this Christmas 

Please give generously this Christmas and help us ensure families like Mary's have enough to eat.

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Children across South Sudan and Burkina Faso do not have enough to eat. This Christmas, will you make sure there is enough for everyone?







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