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Healthier futures for women and girls (Ethiopia)

We're delighted to say that this project is now fully funded so we cannot accept any new pledges. For those who have signed up, the donation deadline is 30 October 2017. Thanks to all who have made a donation.

Healthier futures for women and girls

Ethiopia has one of the world’s fastest-growing populations and is Africa’s second most populous country, with the majority of people living in rural areas.‬

Limited access to reproductive health services and education, low levels of self-referral to community health services and high demand for reproductive health services, outstrip the capacity of local health systems to deliver quality reproductive health services. ‬

These are ongoing challenges facing women and families in Ethiopia. In addition, the lack of access to contraception and family planning services, gender inequality and harmful traditional practices, have led to many deaths and injuries due to unsafe abortion.

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The project

Ethiopia has some of the world’s highest rates of maternal, neonatal and child mortality. Teenage girls are particularly vulnerable to getting pregnant, multiple pregnancies and pregnancy-related complications, which can be fatal in many cases. With an increasing birth rate, Ethiopia’s population is not set to decrease any time soon.‬

Our partners will be working to improve women and girls’ wellbeing through better access to reproductive health services and the information necessary to make informed family planning choices.

The project aims to increase women’s knowledge of and access to contraception while improving child and maternal health, to boost the economic prospects of the whole community.‬

Creating change in Ethiopia will not happen overnight. To improve people’s health, we must educate communities and work with them to improve their prospects.

Giving women support to receive an education, such as learning basic maths and literacy skills, means women are more employable, can manage their finances and can have a voice in their community.‬

European Union match funding

For every pound you raise for this project, the EU has pledged to match it by adding £5.

This means the £5,000 your church pledges will turn into an amazing, life-changing amount of £30,000.

Thank you for joining us on this road to building a better future for young women in Ethiopia.

To learn more about how your church, business, school or other community group can partner with this project, email cpartnership@christian-aid.org or contact one of our area offices directly.

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