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Empowering women and girls (Central America)

Central America is the most unequal region in the world.

Although it’s made up of middle income countries, the divide between the richest and the poorest in El Salvador and Honduras is incredibly high.

People from indigenous communities bear the brunt of this stark inequality. They tend to be much poorer than the rest of the population: people living in rural areas are two to five times worse off than those living in urban centres.

Women from indigenous communities also face huge barriers to securing their reproductive and sexual health. The maternal mortality rate among women in this group is disproportionately high.

State-run health centres are often unequipped for indigenous cultures, meaning that women from these communities are far less likely to use them – and face much higher risks in childbirth as a result.

Family planning is culturally sensitive, so the rates of underage pregnancy in indigenous communities are significantly higher than other groups: in El Salvador, 29% of all births are to mothers aged 10-19.

Indigenous communities often do not know their rights to reproductive and sexual health.

Education is urgently needed to help them call on their governments for justice.

Sexual and reproductive healthcare in Central America

The project

Our new match-funded project will empower indigenous communities to claim their rights to sexual and reproductive health.

Our partners will train traditional birth attendants to provide healthcare, including family planning, and they will ensure that contraceptive supplies are readily available.

Through innovative work in health facilities, this project will make sure women from indigenous communities are welcomed, not excluded.

Our partners will educate teachers, heads of families and pupils on family planning, HIV, pregnancy and sexual and gender based violence.

By building up civil society and recording findings from these projects, our partners will push for change at a national level.

Through the project, an incredible 200,113 women of child-bearing age will be helped – and a further 566,955 in the target areas will indirectly benefit.

Your church’s support will do something amazing – you will bring justice to these communities.

European Union match funding

The EU is match funding this project 1:3, so your £5,000 will become a staggering £20,000 to support some of the poorest communities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Find out more

To learn more about how your church, business, school or other community group can partner with this project, email cpartnership@christian-aid.org or contact one of our area offices directly.

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