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Why fundraise?

£11 (€12) is enough to pay for a mosquito net, helping protect people against malaria. £40 (€43) could pay a teacher’s salary for one month at a girls school in India. £235 (€255) would get you a well, providing a village in Bangladesh with clean drinking water.

When you add them all up, every single penny makes a difference.

Transform poor communities

Your money makes a real impact because Christian Aid channels it directly to where it’s needed. Christian Aid is all about partnership.

It saves lives and it's fun

We work closely with local organisations all around the world. No one understands better the issues that affect their communities, and no one is better placed to address them. We don’t give to governments, and we don’t fund individuals.

Save lives

The funds you raise help us work in three main ways:

1. Emergency relief when disaster strikes. More on Emergencies
2. Long-term development work with our partner organisations around the world.
3. Campaigning to tackle the structures that affect poor people most. Read about why we campaign

Get something in return

Isn’t it easier to just pop a tenner in the collection tin? Well, yes, it probably is – and by all means feel free to do just that by clicking the link above.


But our fundraisers want to go the extra mile. To give their time rather than just their money, so that others are also inspired to give.

And they get something in return. It may be a simple or personal pleasure, like the enjoyment of a pancake well tossed or getting to watch the sun set behind the pyramids of Giza. But there’s also the fun of teaming up with friends or colleagues, the satisfaction of seeing lives transformed by the money raised and the buzz of getting the whole community involved.

Make your family proud

Get pelted with wet sponges. Air your rusty plate-spinning skills in public. Discover hitherto unrealised desires to dress as a gorilla in inclement weather. Raising funds is the perfect opportunity to do things that, with very good reason, you have never attempted before. ***

Make a pig of yourself

Fundraising and slap-up feeds seem to go together like fish and chips. And it needn’t end at cake sales. Helen Baggott’s pudding evening in Oakham ended up as something of a feeding frenzy. ‘It didn’t take any persuading to get people to come,’ she says, although she adds: ‘Next time I’ll give people teaspoons to eat with, as some puddings disappeared before everyone got a taste.’

Become a menace to society – for a good cause

‘We had one dodgy moment when we nearly didn’t get under a bridge,’ says Iona Stroud who set up a 12-tonne tractor pull along Paignton seafront. Thankfully they made it with just an inch to spare. ‘A great cheer came from the crowd when we crossed the finishing line without having caused major damage.’

Develop a habit

The amazing thing about our fundraisers, from the abseilers to the walkers to the red envelope deliverers, is the fact they keep coming back year after year. We can’t think of any better endorsement.

So what are you waiting for?

Check out our Fundraising toolkit. It offers practical tips and financial information – basically, everything you need to organise and promote fundraising events and sponsored activities all year round.


*** Christian Aid cannot accept any responsibility for any embarrassment or injury to fundraisers’ pride as a result of such ventures. We do, though, accept the sponsorship money gladly.

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