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Count Your Blessings this Lent

Family Fun Day

Thousands of people count their blessings with us each Lent. Will you join us this year?

Inspired by the beautiful hymn 'When I needed a neighbour, were you there?', our Lent calendar Count Your Blessings guides you through to Easter with daily ways to give thanks for life's blessings.

Through your generosity and vision, we can be sure that we are there today, offering help and hope to those with no safe place to call home.

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Family Fun Day

Michael from South Sudan pictured with his grandson


Download our beautiful bite-size daily reflections taking you through Lent. 

Download the Republic of Ireland resource (PDF)

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Family Fun Day

Thanks to our partner in Haiti, 84 schools supply free milk to pupils


Download our special children's version and get the whole family involved.

Download the Republic of Ireland resource (PDF)

Download the Northern Ireland resource (PDF)   


Our global neighbour

This Lent we’re sharing the story of Michael, who had to flee his home when soldiers raided his village in South Sudan. Thanks to generous churches and people like you, we helped him get back on his feet and gave him hope for the future.

Every pound you raise will transform lives and bring closer a world where everybody has a safe place to call home.

Michael's story

Family Fun Day When soldiers started murdering and looting in his village, Michael had to flee to the swamps with his family. That would be frightening for anybody, but for Michael it was even more traumatic – because his eyesight is very poor, he had to be guided through the water to safety.

When Michael returned home, he found that everything he owned had been stolen or destroyed. But our local partner organisation was there.



We gave Michael new fishing hooks so he could feed his family. Now he’s teaching them how to catch fish, so that if the worst of times comes again, they’ll have skills to support themselves.

Michael’s got more rebuilding to do, but we’ve given him the helping hand he needs to thrive, not just survive, in the years to come.


Lent 2017

You can pay in your donations from Count Your Blessings 2017 here.

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