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Lent and Easter Appeal

Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day

Michael's story

Family Fun Day

When military forces descended on 80-year-old Michael’s village in Unity State, South Sudan, they showed no mercy.

Looting homes and killing indiscriminately, their violent actions destroyed an entire community.

Terrified, Michael and his family had no choice but to flee to nearby swamps.

Friends and family guided Michael, who is nearly blind, through the dark, waist-high water.

Far from the comfort of home, Michael and his family hid in the swamps for two-and-a-half months, surviving by eating the water lily roots that grow there.

When the community finally found the strength to return home, they felt that all was lost – people had died, homes had been looted and livestock stolen.

Despite the enormity of everything they had been through, his community gathered around to help and support each other.

Without them, it’s unlikely that Michael would have survived.





How we're helping

We were there for Michael and his family, providing them with fishing hooks and nets to replace those stolen from them.

A skilled fisherman, Michael was soon able to feed his family regular nutritious meals by catching fish from the waters surrounding his home.

Proud to be providing for his children once more, Michael has regained stability in his life – and by selling extra fish to buy oil and salt to cook with, he’s supporting his neighbours, too.

But in a country where 1 million people are on the brink of famine, families in South Sudan need your support more than ever.

This Easter, you could help us reach families like Michael’s with the basics we all need to survive – essentials such as shelter, food, and access to clean water.

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Easter Appeal

Help transform the lives of your global neighbours this Easter

GB Pounds (GBP)

Be there for our global neighbours

€33/£28   could help provide a displaced family with fishing and cooking equipment, to be self sufficient and earn a small income.

€53/£45  could buy basic essentials such as a plastic sheet to build a shelter and jerry cans for storing clean water.

€141/£120   could cover the cost of a family's food vouchers for three months, to be spent in the local community, which will also help support small businesses.

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