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No matter how much money your Super Soup Lunch raises, the funds will help poor communities to lift themselves out of poverty and tackle the injustice that is keeping them poor.

Thanks to your support, our partner, Association for Building Communities (ACC), has been able to assist communities in rural Angola.

Augusto's story

Augusto Twakamba lives in Huila province in south west Angola.

The area has suffered a prolonged drought over the last two years, meaning that many people struggle to find food.

Augusto Twakamba

Throughout the drought Augusto, who cultivates a vegetable garden, has been able to eat. For several years he was the only person in his community to grow onions, cabbages, garlic and carrots.

When he started his garden, he says, other people used to 'make jokes. They said: "Let’s see if he is able to do it..."

'But then they saw the crops growing beautifully.'

Augusto knows which crops grow best in the rainy season and which are more suited to the dry season.

ACC started working in the area when the government tried to forcibly remove people from their land.

ACC first helped Augusto and his community to remain on their land, then to develop sustainable sources of food and income. 

The horticultural skills Augusto had already gained were key to this process.  

Planning for the future

Thanks to ACC's support, Augusto is now a 'seed multiplier' - he passes on the seeds produced in his crop to others, so that they are able to grow their own food.

He also shares his horticultural knowledge with his neighbours. There are currently between 30 and 40 vegetable gardens.

Augusto says: 'Some people are still learning. You have to be patient. And some people don’t have enough money to buy seeds.'

Augusto's vegetables grow well because he is able to water them with a motorised pump that he installed.

The area has untapped water sources deep underground, but pumps are required to extract it.

ACC plans to buy more water pumps for the community, as well as providing seeds that require less water than the crops typically grown in the area, such as maize.

By growing different kinds of crops, the communities will be more resilient in times of poor rain and drought. 

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