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Make your donation go further

Your donation to Christian Aid could be worth almost 25% more - at no extra cost to you.

If you are a UK taxpayer, Gift Aid lets Christian Aid reclaim tax on donations you have made to us.

Taxpayers in the Republic of Ireland can ask for your donations to be made tax-efficient. More information for Irish taxpayers.

Gift Aid scheme 

The UK government's Gift Aid scheme means that, for every £10 you give, we can claim an extra £2.50, making your gifts worth more to the communities Christian Aid supports.

You can download and print out a Gift Aid form and return it to us at the following address:

Christian Aid Ireland, Linden House, 96 Beechill Road, Belfast, BT8 7QN.

pdf iconDownload Gift Aid form (PDF)


Gift Aid FAQs

How do I know if I can giftaid my donation?

You are a UK taxpayer if:

  • tax is taken from your wages at source (ie PAYE)

  • you fill out a self-assessment form

  • you have any taxable savings (in a building society, for instance), or a pension plan, or investment income

  • you have paid capital gains tax, or expect to pay it in the near future.

If any of these apply, you can apply for Gift Aid on your donations. If you live in the Republic of Ireland, find out more about tax relief.


How do I know if I pay enough tax to qualify?

As long as you pay enough tax in the year to match the tax that all charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) claim back (excluding the transitional relief element where applicable - see below), your donation will qualify.

For example, if you donate £100 in the current tax year, you need to have paid £25 in tax to match the amount that the charities you have donated to will claim in Gift Aid.


What if I pay the higher rate of income tax?

If you are taxed at the higher rate of 40%, Christian Aid can still only reclaim tax at the basic rate of 20%.

However, higher rate tax payers can also claim the difference between the higher rate of tax (40%) and the basic rate (20%) on the total (gross) value of a donation made.

For more information about claiming back higher rate tax please visit the HMRC website.


I pay capital gains tax. Can I still gift aid my donations?

Yes. The Gift Aid rules for capital gains tax, which are applied to profits from sales of investments, are the same as they are for income tax.


What if I no longer want Christian Aid to claim back the tax on my donations?

Just let Christian Aid know and we will make sure that tax is only reclaimed on gifts up to the date you contact us. It is important that you advise us as soon as possible when your circumstances change, as you may be liable to pay additional tax to HMRC for any gift aid claimed between the time when you stop paying tax and the time that you inform us of the change.

Call 028 9064 8133 or email us: Belfast@christian-aid.org.


What if I move house?

Please let Christian Aid know if you move house or any of your details change. This will help us keep records up to date. Call 028 9064 8133 or email us: Belfast@christian-aid.org.


What if the amount of tax I pay changes?

As long as the total amount of tax you pay each year is more than or equal to the tax that Christian Aid and other charities reclaim, your gift will still qualify for Gift Aid.

If you stop paying tax, please let Christian Aid know and we will cease reclaiming tax on your donations from the day you contact us.

If your tax status varies from year to year, Christian Aid can hold separate Gift Aid declarations for each period when you are a taxpayer, and these will enable us to reclaim the tax on eligible donations you have made during those periods. Call 028 9064 8133 or email us: Belfast@christian-aid.org.


Can Gift Aid be claimed retrospectively?

Christian Aid can claim Gift Aid retrospectively for up to four years. This means that if you make a declaration today, we can reclaim tax on the eligible donations you have made in the past four years, so long as you have paid enough tax to cover the amount we are reclaiming. If you have any questions about this, please call 028 9064 8133 or email us: Belfast@christian-aid.org.


Can I get gift aid if I give shares to Christian Aid?

Yes!  If you are a tax payer you can claim gift aid for the full value of the shares you donate. This can be very tax efficient – especially as capital gains tax is waived when you give shares to a charity.  This can be a complex area, so do take advice or contact us to find out more. Email: Belfast@christian-aid.org.


How does the Chancellor's transitional relief for Gift Aid change things?

The Chancellor agreed to offset the reduced amounts of Gift Aid that charities can claim by granting 'transitional relief' for the three years from April 2008.

Although this scheme has now ended, if you sign a gift aid declaration that enables us to claim gift aid on donations previously made, until 31 March 2013 we can still claim transitional relief on donations made during the last year of the scheme (April 2010 - March 2011).

This does not affect donors or their tax calculations at all - but it does mean that Christian Aid will be able to claim an extra 3p on every £1 that is donated - putting us just where we were before the reduction in tax rates. This would be worth £30 on a £1,000 donation that is Gift Aided.

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