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A gift of love that brings transformation

Some families choose moments in the year, such as a birthday or an anniversary, to give in memory of someone dear to them.

With all gifts in memory given to Christian Aid, we offer families and friends the opportunity to support one of our themes - education, water or agricultural projects. 

Gifts can also be given to support our general work, allowing us to ensure gifts are passed on to support other life-changing projects.

Our Celebrate a Life leaflet tells you more about giving to a theme of our work.

A gift that will grow

Others have given to Christian Aid in response to an inheritance or other windfall. 

Should you decide to give a gift of more than £5,000 in memory, we will help you find a project that connects with the inspirations and values of your loved one.

In doing so, we can bring you closer to the work of our partners, providing you with regular updates about the difference your gift is making in some of the world’s poorest communities.

Two projects available now also have the added support of EU match funding. This means that we are able to multiply the value of any donations; adding another £3,000 to every £1,000 should you give to our maternal healthcare project in Kenya, and another £10,000 to every £1,000 given to our innovative dairy project in Haiti, working with local farmers and communities.

You can find out more about both projects below.

Once these projects become fully funded, new ones will be introduced.  Availability of match funded projects does vary – so please do get in touch if you are considering giving in this special way.

For more information, email Kerry or call her on 020 7523 2173.


Children drinking milk at a school in Haiti

Helping Haitian farmers and schoolchildren to thrive.


A woman holding a child

Revolutionising maternal healthcare in rural Kenya.

Contact us

For more information or if you have any questions, contact Deborah Doherty by email or on +44 (0) 28 9064 8133.