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Helping Haitian farmers and schoolchildren to thrive

Should you decide to give a gift of more than £5,000 in memory, we will help you find a project that represents the inspirations and values of your loved one.

One of these projects is delivering work in Haiti. Here, communities are rebuilding their lives after 2010’s devastating earthquake, but it is a slow process hampered by a lack of infrastructure and widespread food insecurity.

Haiti currently imports over half the food it needs, and domestic farmers face an uphill struggle.

Poor infrastructure means the cost of transporting their goods to market is high, which drives up prices further and makes imported products more attractive.

Learning new skills

Working with our partner organisations KORAL and Veterimed, we are helping local farmers produce more food, sell it at a fair price and establish thriving, secure livelihoods.

This means working with communities every step of the way, from planting crops and nurturing livestock to selling goods and storing surplus safely.

Growing their own food also means training and job opportunities for those processing the goods – whether it is repairing a grain store, working in a dairy or preparing food for sale.

Children's health

In addition, the project is creating a partnership with 15 Haitian schools, supplying 3,600 children with milk and nutritionally balanced meals.

This means they are less vulnerable to illnesses caused by poor nutrition, enabling them to improve their attendance and performance at school.

We have secured European Union funding for this project – meaning that every £1 of your gift is matched by £10 from the EU fund.

For more information about supporting this project with a gift in memory, please email Kerry or call 020 7523 2173.

Contact us

For more information or if you have any questions, contact Deborah Doherty by email or on +44 (0) 28 9064 8133.