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A gift in memory is truly special

It’s a wonderful way to pay tribute to a loved one. For many of our supporters, it says so much about the person they’re honouring, and the love with which the gift has been given.

For Margaret, a gift in memory was the best possible way to honour her mother’s life.

‘Mum was a lifelong supporter of Christian Aid, so it’s a charity I grew up with,’ says Margaret.

‘She used to be a Christian Aid Week collector, and did lots for them through her church. So I was certain this gift was the right thing to do.’

On a trip to Haiti, Margaret had the opportunity to witness the difference gifts given in memory make to the lives of some of the world’s poorest people.

‘Along with meeting farmers in their fields, I visited a busy health centre buzzing with mums, babies and little children.

'Here I met Antoinenne, a nurse like my mother.

'I know mum would have been so impressed to see the joy Antoinenne brought to her job, and the love she brought to the children in her care.’

Follow Margaret’s journey, and see how you can celebrate one life by offering support to so many more.

A gift of love

Children playing at L'Ecole Nationale in Merger, Haiti

Choosing how your gift is used.

Witness the journey

Margaret Hart and Etike Aubert in Haiti

See a short film of Margaret's journey to Haiti.

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