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How to leave a legacy

Woman reading Are you ready to leave a legacy to Christian Aid and want to know how?

Our step-by-step guide has everything you need, from our will-writing guide, to the fine details you'll need to take to your solicitor when you set up your first will.


Will Writing Guide If this will be your first will, and you need help preparing to see your solicitor, then download our will-writing guide, For Everything There Is A Season. This introduces some of the key decisions you will need to consider. 

Once you have digested this, then you can think about the gift you plan to leave Christian Aid.

Download now (2.5MB PDF)

If you already have a will and want to leave a small sum of money, please see our draft codicil wording.

Download our draft codicil

Think about what you own and its current value.  The Church of England has put together a handy guide to help you value your estate.   

When you have a list and a value, hold that thought as you think about the type of gift you wish to leave to support the work of Christian Aid.

You can use the same form to record other information your solicitor will need including:

- who will act as your executor

- if leaving money in trust for children or others, who will be trustees. If you have dependent children, who will be guardians

- list people who will benefit from your will and make a note of their address


Think about the type of gift you would like to leave Christian Aid. There are three main alternatives...

A fixed sum of money - a pecuniary legacy. Find out more

A share of your estate - a residuary legacy. Find out more

A gift of a particular item or piece of property - a specific legacy. Find out more

writing Once you have figured out the value and type of gift you want to leave to Christian Aid, you just need to make sure you are fully prepared when you visit a solicitor.

Remember to take the notes you made about the value of your estate and information about your executors and beneficiaries.

You will also need to provide the registered charity number and address, which is as follows:

In England & Wales registered charity number 1105851, PO Box 100, London, SE1 7RT

In Scotland registered charity number SC039150, Pentagon Centre, 36 Washington Road, Glasgow, G3 8AZ

In Northern Ireland registered charity number XR94639, Linden House, Beechill Business Park, 96 Beechill Road, Belfast BT8 7QN

You can download this information and some sample wording for your solicitor here.

Download now (50kb PDF)

Having completed all your preparations, you are ready to make a truly lasting gift that will help to eradicate poverty - and continue to help poor communities around the world.

Now the only thing we'd like is for you to tell us why.

By letting us know what inspired you, we can share you story with others like you - and that is a legacy in its widest sense.

Share your inspirationPlease tell us what inspired you to make such a generous gift.

For any more information or if you have any questions, get in touch with Colin and kerry in our legacies team email or on 020 7523 2173.

Contact us

For more information or if you have any questions, contact Colin or Kerry in our legacy team by email or on 020 7523 2173.

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