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Legacy for life

Make a lasting stand against the injustice of poverty – for this generation and the next – by remembering Christian Aid Ireland in your will .

Each year many people remember Christian Aid in their wills. These gifts represent 6%  of our income – money that’s used to support all our work.  See our latest Annual Report for more details .

Here’s what your gift could make possible:

  • €725/£650 could provide a well for a community in Bangladesh 

  • €12,000/£10,000 could help nearly a thousand South African children who have lost their parents to HIV – giving them food, clothes and emotional support for a year

  • €60,000/£50,000 could help five villages in El Salvador produce enough food to make the whole community healthy and have a decent income

  • €120,000/£100,000  could enable people hardest hit by climate change to shift to clean energy – like the solar panels our partners in Sri Lanka are installing – and help us press governments to find solutions to climate change. If we speak out together, we’ll be heard.

Our legacies team

Questions? Ring us, write or email our legacies team.

We can provide you with our will-writing guide, or suggest ways of helping.

If you’ve already made your will, and want to add Christian Aid to it, you can always add a postscript, or codicil. You’ll need our charity numbers and you'll find them at the bottom of the page.

Let us know if you need more information, or want to talk things over with our legacies team.

If you’re in Northern Ireland, contact:

Deborah Doherty
Tel +44 (028) 9064 8133
Or email ddoherty@christian-aid.org

For the Republic of Ireland, please contact:

Genny Mullins
Tel +353 (01) 611 0801
Or email gmullins@christian-aid.org

Or write to us at:

Republic of Ireland
Christian Aid
17 Clanwilliam Terrace
Grand Canal Quay
Dublin 2

Northern Ireland
Christian Aid
Linden House
96 Beechill Road
Belfast BT8 7QN

Christian Aid Ireland is a company limited by guarantee registered in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.  Registered offices: Northern Ireland: Linden House, 96 Beechill Road, Belfast BT8 7QN. Company No. NI059154. Northern Ireland charity ref: XR94639. Republic of Ireland: 17 Clanwilliam Terrace, Grand Canal Quay, Dublin 2. Company No. 426928. Republic of Ireland charity no. CHY 6998.

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