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Lessons in peace

Sawula village Unlike every second child in Sierra Leone, Aleamatu Konneh, 12 and Ibrahim Morie, 13, go to school in their local town, Sawula.  

Any form of education is seen as a luxury for children in Sierra Leone, but Aleamatu and Ibrahim's school building was once nothing more than an unstable shack.

Working together

With the help of MAPS funded Christian Aid partner, Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD), Aleamatu and Ibrahim's parents and community were able to gather the support they needed to build another school - one that would provide children with the space, resources and basic necessities they need to learn.

NMJD helped the town set up its own Village Development Committee (VDC) by mobilising the community to work together and target bodies such as the Ministry of Education to rally support and collect resources.

As soon as the Sawula's VDC was established, the new school became its primary commitment. Bokarie Samai Gbou, town chief of Sawula, said:

'It was a dream that was dreamt by all of us. We know now that in the world, education comes first.'

A secure future

Today, Aleamatu and Ibrahim travel daily to their new, solid, safe school building just a short distance from Sawula centre. Bokarie says:

'We are now organised with the VDC; that is the reason this school happened so quickly.'

In places like Sawula, MAPS funding enables Christian Aid's partners to support communities to fight for their basic human rights. For Sawula Village Development Committee, their hard work, dedication and persistence, paid off.

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