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Safe from harm?

Around the world today, thousands of people will be beaten and abused, many at the hands of those closest to them.

Others will be left in excruciating pain as a consequence of traditional practices. Thousands more will be trafficked into degrading and dangerous work. They have done nothing to deserve this treatment: they have simply been born female.

For Christian Aid, poverty is not simply about financial hardship: it is about having no say in how you live your life, no power to change conditions that keep you hungry, miserable or insecure.

And in these cases of gender-based violence, poverty is endured at its most brutal.

Tendai Madondo is Christian Aid’s programme development officer for the Irish government-funded Multi Annual Partnerships programme.

She explains why tackling gender-based violence must be at the heart of exposing the scandal of poverty and how MAPS is working with Christian Aid to tackle violence against women.

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