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Aluel Ring: Life in South Sudan during the food crisis

Aluel Ring is a mother of four young children who lives in South Sudan, the centre of the current crisis. Aluel tells us of her struggle and how your support helped her and her family survive.


‘On the worst days we would have just one meal of wild leaves’ recalls Aluel Ring, a single mother from Bahr el Ghazal in South Sudan, where food shortages are currently critical.


A literacy class in Sierra Leone

She works as hard as she can to selling tea and bread at the local market, but more often than not she has no customers and no income.

It’s a stressful life for the mother of four, as she had nobody to turn to for support. Over the last year, everyone around her has faced severe food shortages and chronic hunger, as conflict and drought has crippled world’s youngest nation.

Christian Aid, with funding from Irish Aid, is supporting Aluel and four hundred families in her area facing serious hardship, with vouchers, so that she can buy food for her family to see them her through.

‘Before Christian Aid intervened, life had become very difficult, Aluel said. “As a family, we urgently needed help. I saw the health of my children improve drastically, as soon as they started eating three meals a day.’

Across East Africa millions of people are experiencing a devastating food crisis and people are dying daily from starvation, in what the UN has called the worst humanitarian crisis since 1945.

To support people like Aluel and her family please give what you can to our East Africa Crisis Appeal.


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