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Call for tenders on gender based violence

Christian Aid Ireland invites tenders for a research project on effective programme design in tackling the issue of gender based violence (GBV).

The aim of the research is to identify good practice in programme design, including looking at various methodologies, and analysing possible approaches to support Christian Aid programmes seeking to prevent, reduce and respond to GBV in fragile states and violent contexts.

Christian Aid Ireland is leading on the organisation’s global work on tackling violence and peace building in development, humanitarian, fragile and conflict affected settings. Given the prevalence of GBV, a key part of our strategic focus in this area is to see that the risk of GBV is reduced, survivors receive adequate support, and women, men and institutions are working to change the conditions that lead to GBV. 

This research will complement a current study being conducted by the Irish Consortium on GBV on Best Practice Protocols for GBV responses.

Christian Aid Ireland wishes to better understand how to tackle these issues in the most effective way in our programmatic work. This study will therefore deliver more specific research and guidance tools in strengthening our own GBV programming tailored to our work through partnerships with civil society organisations in contexts affected by violence and fragile states. 

Download the full tender for research document (PDF) 

Deadline: 12pm, Thursday 20 October 2016

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